My Strong Child

At 32 weeks I could feel familiar pressure on my belly however like 3 times before I thought it would stop. At 12 an I jumped out of bed in pain and my husband rushed me to the er. My son was born healthy 5 hours later. I had the sweetest new born and he sleeped all night from day one. He was great until 8 weeks when he got a rash on his face. I was told he needed cream and it would go away. However the rash got worse. I tried everything to control it and nothing worked. At 8 months he started to get sick a lot. My relationship was in a bad place and I was stressed. But my son was still his loving happy self. We learned he had a auto immune issue and needed a operation to help him hear . All of the ear infections caused him to lose hearing and form scars. He had to be in pain but he was so sweet and generally on great behaviour. At 2 he had a short operation and i learned to control his illness. He never made anything hard and just kept going. I feel so lucky to have such a great child. Even with everything he has had to deal with he is still smart kind happy and lovely.
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2 Responses Apr 30, 2012

You are both lucky to have each other I am sure. My twin sister was born with low immune system and it was the hardest time for my parents, who were young at the time, jumping through hoops to make sure she survived, which she did. I am happy to hear your child remained strong. I hope he is doing okay these days!

Children who are born with health issues, tend to act like its just normal. Maybe it is for them, but is fascinating to see how easily they deal with it.