Our Babygirl.

I am a mom to  7 month old angel!!
She is soo amazing and adorable.., and I love her soo much!!!..........
She's sitting already..., and is attempting crawling! I have been a little anxious about her not havingn crawled yet (since some of her peers have).., but I know that babies are unique in their own ways and meet milestone at their own unique time..!!
Her dad is away, studying..., he is the greatest father and husband, and my daughter, since last week has been saying a lot of ...'dada'!! especially while staring into a framed picture of him ...it is still too exciting, and it makes me tear up............. I know she misses daddy as much as i do..., and it's amazing that despite it all, she is still remembers him, and loves him as much!! What's even more exciting is ..., 'dada' is her very first word...!!!!
We speak to her dad on phone, and skype too...., and each time she sees daddy's face or hear his voice..., she gets soo excited, smiles and laughs!!
We just love her to death!
She is our strength and the reason we keep going, and keep working hard,..... Because for her, we would give the world!!
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3 Responses May 9, 2012

thats awesome MP26 and im sure it gives alot of happiness to your family,thanks for having me in your circle of friends.tawam

Aww :( my boyfriend works long hours during the week and it's hard even with that. That is so sweet how she misses her daddy. Stay strong! Crawling, how fun! Don't worry she'll get there in no time. It's crazy how fast they grow huh? Sometimes I wish time would slow down a little.

She did!!!..., she finally crawled!!! #widegrin

Thanks sendittome... :)