Blessed And Known~

My children (and husband) know me well, they know my heart, they understand me, the real me. Their Mothers Day gifts and cards always reflect this knowing.

This year, I received hand written notes, altar items, framed photographs of my grandson, soft clothing in water color blue, and daisies.

I feel grateful, not that they make a big deal out of Mothers Day, but because they love me and understand my truest heart. This is all I ever hoped for, all I ever worked for..... adult children that contentedly share their daily lives with me, that laugh merrily at their Mother's copious quirks and accept me exactly as I am. I love them wildly and sweetly from the deepest and rawest part of myself. I am blessed and known.
hillbillycrone hillbillycrone 51-55, F 3 Responses May 15, 2012

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Ever thought it may be Karma?

The unconditional, deepest, truest love that you bestowed on them as you raised them, coming back to you in spades.

I thank you Ari~Brightest Blessings always~

I think the title you chose for this beautiful story says it all. I was drawn in by it and I was not disappointed. Happy Mother's Day indeed.

Bless your heart! Thanks for dropping by.

you are truly blessed to have such a loving and knowing family. im so glad that you were celebrated because you SO deserve it! love and hugs~

Thank you sweetie, I hope your Mothers Day was a sweet one too. Hugs. xx