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I Love You Baby Girl

I love being a mommy to my sweet little girl. Things may get hard in our lives but I try for her. Her pretty little smile means the world to me, I believe she was truly sent from heaven. She is my angel and she is here to help me keep my life straight and be strong. Even through the worst situations. I didn't recieve a lot of love or attention from my parents as a child, And I have always had a hard time opening up and developing relationships with anyone. I will not do the same to my daughter. I devote my life to helping her live a happy fullfilling life. I love being a mom and I would only change one thing about it, And that would be for time to slow down. If just for a moment. I want to cherish and remember every moment with her.
deleted deleted 26-30 1 Response May 29, 2012

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Very good that you learned the lesson and not doing the same to your own daughter as what your parents did to you. Do your very best in raising your daugter and remember, we are not perfect, so there'll be times where your kid is not what to your expectation, but be thankful for the love you given to her.