A Trip To Every State In America

I have wanted my son to travel since he was a baby. His name translates to traveler in fact (i didn't know that before we named him ). So far we have 9 states down
1. New York
2. New Jersey
3. Maine
4. Florida
5. Connecticut
6. Philadelphia
7. Massachusetts
8. Colorado
9. Alaska
Most of the trips were 4-5 days and under $1000.
Massachusetts was only $500 for 4 days and we had dinner out everyday. The city is so beautiful.
I really hope next year we visit Vermont and Rhode Island. He will remember these moments forever.
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1 Response Aug 18, 2012

This is exactly what i want to do for my kids when they are very young and as they are growing up too :) except i don't wanna just stick to places where i live that's boring...i hate where i live anyway lol. I wanna take them travelling to all different parts of the world just like how my mom did for me and i am extremely grateful for what i have learnt from these experiences and your son will aswell. It's where my strong passion for languages comes from aswell...and 23 years later i'm still travelling hahaha

We can't travel the world just yet. We traveled to the islands once. But the cost is over $2000 and our money goes further in the U.S.