I'm A Little Frustrated

It is so hard buying a educational toy for my son.

Of course cars, sports balls, transformers, action figures, legos, blocks, and HE loves his little camouflage teddy bear are easy to buy for him. Its really hard for me to find an educational toy that is fun for a two year old! We have books, he use to allow me to read to him but now he takes over and just want to look at pictures giving me no time to finish a sentence lol!

Help me please! I tried my baby can read! He wouldn't watch it for a minute but LOVES Sesame Street. When I try to play educational games online like pbskids.org and etc. He wants to do it himself even though he can't lol so it becomes more of a finger/hand wrestling match then a learning experience LOL!

Tell me what should I do?

I can't fool him with a fake laptop (that didn't work), He knows what real electronics are. Hes too young for the LeapFrog Ipad...:(
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3 Responses Sep 22, 2012

i had the same problem with my some when he was 4 now hes 6 wow, time flies by, being a mom is the hardest job ever, and i cant amagine a mom with more than 5 kids wow, how do they have patience for kids.
kids are smart and they absorb everyhthing, now i dont know how really to explain how and were babys are born, its a hard topic, but i try to be honest to my son imagination, lol. For the toy to get him is a v reader or the game v tech. my son loved it. let me know what you think ok??

It's all good stuff , expose him to as many potential learning experiences as possible! But keep him safe too. Get him a cheap lap top maybe ? Almost all books are worthwhile, find things that will widen his view of what is possible for him to do and engage in in this world.

Get an iphone and ipad best way to get kids to learn