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I was a single mother for 18yrs. I have been dating a man for 4yrs. Well sometimes I think I would be better If I was single again..... He is a good man Just not ment to be with some one as strong willed as I am. We butt heads and we argue. I dont doubt he loves me but not the way I want to be loved. My kids have always come first and always will . My son is 21 and last year gave me a beautiful grand daughter. my next child is my 1st daughter Leilani she is 20 and a gem. She is just coming out of her shell and shes making a splash in this world. Next is my Angie she is 19. Well how do I describe Angie? She is Amazing!!!! She has more talent in one finger then I have in my whole body. She is my artist. Her drawing are like a peek into her head. she very smart. She need to know and hear that. I believe she can become a big name one day. Then at the end is AmberSky aka Peanut... is 17 She is my Designer . She can sew and make anything she puts her mind to. She is strong and out spoken like me. lol All my kids have a part of my personality. I think its funny to sit back and see that. They are my world with out them I would cease to exist. When someone tell me I cant do something I go and do it. I am GREAT at my job. I am getting my CNA and hope to be a LVN. I have done this work for 13yrs and even trained my sister in law who by the way does not care to put credit where credit is due. Any ways we have come along ways my kids and I. And no one who has tried to separate us has succeeded. We are strong and we are one family. I will be 40 next year and I am still getting to know my self who knows where I will be in 2013??????.........
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