My Story.

I was 13 when I got pregnant, really young. Before I got pregnant I was kind of a wild child, partying getting high, on probation. But as soon as I found out I was pregnant I stopped EVERYTHING. Even quit smoking in a couple of days(made me sick). I went thru hell and back while I was pregnant, baby's dad left when I was around 4 or 5 months pregnant. I was depressed and stressed thru my whole pregnancy, but on Nov. 9th 2010 my beautiful baby boy was born! I fell in love first time I looked into his big blue eyes. I've been raising my son by myself (with help from family) but now his father's clean and in his life. I do not regret having my son at all, maybe would've waited til' I finished school... I'm 16 now and love my son to pieces, he has a great life with loving parents and family. There's always rain before a rainbow, and my son's my rainbow.<3
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You are a rare woman who can love and stll grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!1 God bless you and your son

Hi I'm Emery I am 16 and I got pregnant at 13 also. I believe it or not have 3 kids one in heaven and am expecting my 4th, if you need any help or someone to talk to message me:)

Please add me understand your situation