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My Kiddos

This will be probably the first time I have ever talked about my kids. I love them to pieces. I was 19 when I gave birth to my oldest daughter. It was a very wintery and snowy ride into Bend which was 86 miles away with contractions.

With Sabrina, it was a early morning ride to the hosptial. Both her and my oldest daughter born n Oregon.

My youngest was different. There was an earthquake that morning that I went into contractions with her. We waited almost too long with my youngest daughter and I was starting to get the need to push while driving there. There was no one on the freeway have no idea how that happened.. but the freeway was clear.

Made it to the hospital and no sooner got into the delivery room that about 15 minutes later my youngest daughter was born.

Through the years, watching them grow from the little girls that loved Disney and swore up and down that they were going to be like Princess Jasmine or collect as many stuffed animals as they could on their mission to save them... they grew up.

They went from pokemon fans and littlest pet shop collectors to ipod and cell phone users. World of Warcraft replaced any game they would play online and soon boys because an interesting subject.

I still wonder sometimes what it would be like to go back in time and change certain events with them certain situations with them. Something to make that innocent sweetness last longer. To see their eyes glowing again like that one more time.

My job with them isn't over yet. Honestly, I hope it never is. I want them to drive me nuts because then I know they trust me with all their hearts. I love them so much.

It's that love that I have as their mom that I know if any man would to lay a hand on them to hurt them .. I'm after you. Don't sleep at night.. I'm coming for you. I will hunt you down and the pain I would put you through will make you wish that you had eternal night.
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I think your very lucky to have children i myself would love my own someday.
But i am not sure if that day will hit being how horrible the world is now a day's.
But as for your kid's i don't know them but from what you said they sound like good teen's or adult's ^.^ probably giving you hell also lol lol.

lol oh yes. :)