Its The Hardest But Best Job Ever

Being a Mom is the absolute hardest job I have ever had..but I would not trade for anything in the kids are my if ..and or buts about it!! Being loved unconditionally and being called mom is a wonderful thing!!
theheartofmemphis theheartofmemphis
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6 Responses Dec 28, 2012

it is

and at one point i was a single mom too

I've always wondered what it would feel like to have that one thing that makes you completely selfless. I guess it comes natural once you see your own creation and have the responsibility of it's life hey!

I have to most respected for mothers and what they endure *bows*

i wish one day, someday, i'll be able to say this myself.

Yep, being a mom is a tough job, we had two girls, a mom is so important for girls, they both love their dad, I was always there for them, they will always be my little girls.

I could have done it without their mom.

It's very tough but very much worth it!

That should have been, I couldn't have done it without their mom, she deserves all the credit.

And you are a great Mom ;)

Thank you sweetie!!