Well, Being 16 Years Old, I Ca...

Well, being 16 years old, I can't honestly say that I'm a mom.
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Hi! Well what do you execpt people to say! You are only 16 yourself you haven"t even started out knowing yourself. I feeln sooo very sorry for you! I just hope that your Parents are the understanding kind. There are alot of options for you so don"t give up! I myself have a 17 yearold and I don"t know what I would do . I just know there are places you can call and go! You are not alone! Good nLuck Let me know what"s going on or if you just want to chat. Im new to this sight and I love helping people..... Anto815

Age has nothing to do with it. The youngest Mom in the world was a 6yr old in Mexico. She was still a Mom.