Growing Up Too Fast

I am a mother of two a six year old daughter and a two year old son

I loved being my daughters mommy and for 5 years I was. -but- Now that she is Ms.Popular in school she has decided she will call me by my first name! I constantly tell her "I'm your mom ,April call me mom". Well this made no difference (no surprise) Our family took a camping trip  we were all enjoying the campfire when the dog from the camp next to ours ran up to us April screamed MOM!! HELP!! 

I couldn't help but smile.

Two weeks later she is still calling me by my first name most of the time but I know in that 6 going on 16 lil heart of hers I will always be her mommy!

I love being a mom!!

HisLady HisLady
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1 Response Jul 22, 2009

LOL! So cute.