My Son Is Teething

I used to wonder why when my son turned 11 months, he still had no teeth.  The doctor said it's because I became Lactose intolerant when I was pregnant with him.  I guess milk makes all the difference.  Weeks later, two bottom little toothies appeared.

July 25th, he turned 1.  Hurray!  Then all the teeth came out!  Oh my goodness!  He's crying, I'm crying with him.  And the meds sure take their sweet time to take effect.  Teething rings, wet cloth, cold veggies ... he wants nothing to do with it.  He just wants to scream, occasionally biting on my finger.  Yes, it hurts!

He now has six little toothies [4 bottom ones and 2 up top].

When will this end?  soon I hope.



AGeminisTwin AGeminisTwin
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2 Responses Aug 7, 2009

It seems to take a long time. Meanwhile, his appetite is decreasing, and he has taken to biting the rubber nipple on this bottle. At this point, whatever makes him feel better, is fine with me.

I was so happy when my son got his first 2 teeth but he never seemed to stop teething he is 18 months and still waiting for a few and drooling lots!! :D