I keep seeing people talking about breasts on here, asking for pictures, loving tiny pert ones, wanting to rate them.. You know what?
Mine are covered in stretch marks. There is a tiny scar where I had a tumor removed, there is a whole galaxy of freckles from to much sun, and after breast feeding they do tend to sag somewhat.....
And I love them!
My breasts fed my child. That's what they are there for. And every society placed imperfection makes me love them that much more.
I rate them a 10.
So does my husband..
And you know what?
Those are the only opinions I need :)
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3 Responses Aug 20, 2014

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wow, you do have a super chilled personality, I love my son- but I really miss my old body :/ lol the twins can be fun, but theyr'e permanent and sometimes in the way...

One of best quotes for stretch marks is.. "I'm a tiger and I EARNED my stripes" :)

that's too awesome- Im sooo going to use that :)

Blushes.. I found it on... Pinterest :)

lol...........god i love your attitude to things.........may i connect the freckles with magic markers?..............giggles

LOL!!!..... And no. ;)