Husband's Friend Saw Me!!!

I knew my husband's friend was coming over to borrow some tools. My husband told me he'd be over in about 30 minutes. It was a beautiful day and I told him I was just walking out the door to lay by the pool. He told me to go ahead, and that he would be home before his friend got there. I normally sunbathe either topless or totally nude. My husband told me to open the garage so he could pull in. He asked me if I felt like having fun teasing his friend. I had 2 drinks already and was on my third so I said ,"Sure!". I had on a t-shirt with my thong bikini bottoms. I went outside, and I heard my husband pull in the garage. I took off my shirt, fixed my chair, and laid down. My husband closed the garage door, came outside, bent down and gave me a kiss. His hand rubbed my *** which felt great. He put his finger under my thong and slowly slid his fingers across my *****. I was already turned on and that just made me wetter. He untied the thong bottom of my bikini and took it off. I looked at him and reached to his crotch feeling his rock hard ****. We heard his friend pull up so he went in the bedroom and I laid my head down pretending to be sleeping with my earphones on. My husband was looking through the blinds. I heard the guy open the gate on the side of the house and coming to the back. I spread my legs a little and then I saw him. He stopped and stood there and then realized I was sleeping. He slowly came closer to the chair but stayed behind me. My husband said he stood looking up between my legs and then bent over and got very close and was looking between my legs. I felt him there and felt my ***** getting very moist. He  stared for a minute and it was driving me crazy knowing he was admiring my *****. He went quietly to the shed and got the tools he came for. While he was in the shed, I turned over and when he came out he walked back up to me and gazed at my breasts and looked again between my legs. He finally left and I went in the bedroom. My husband was so hard and stroking himself. I crawled to him and used my mouth on his very hard ****. He was ready to *** when he reached down and stuck his fingers in me. As soon as he put his fingers inside I had this immense ****** and he came in my mouth. We both fell on the bed laughing. That was very erotic!!
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1 Response May 6, 2012

I too like to watch my friends look at my lady's nipples, ***., and ***** without she or I noticing. I encourage her to buy long sheer sun dresses and loose fitting tops with scoop necks. Sounds like you two are allot alike,