A Hot Saturday Night

    This past Saturday night my husband and I met up with a couple of guys he works with. They decided to go to this place that is known for their chicken wings. Their restaurants are actually pretty nice. They have a nice bar, good food, pool tables, etc. We got there about 9 and his friends were already there and were noticeably a little drunk. They had been there since about 5. They had pitchers of beer on a table and were playing pool. Knowing we were meeting at this place, and that my husband loves when I wear things that gets him hot, I wore one of my crop tops, and a very tiny white skirt. When he saw me, he smiled and told me how much he loves me. I could already see the bulge in his pants. We got to the place and saw the guys. We all said hello and I already knew a couple of the guys. Two of the guys came up and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek when they said hello. I felt my shirt go up when I hugged them and my nipple touched them directly. My husband told me that my crop top went way above my nipple when I lifted my arms. We grabbed a seat and ordered drinks. I sat facing my husband. He looked down at my legs and whispered, "I wish you didn't have those panties on. They're ruining my view." I told him the skirt was to short but we'll see. Our drinks came and when I reached up to take a sip my husband and a couple of the guys would stare at my chest. When I went to the ladies room I saw that whenever my arms went up the crop top lifted. I said to myself, "Why not!" I slipped off my thongs, pulled the skirt down to keep it from riding up as I walked back to the table. When I sat, I didn't face my hubby at first. While we talked, he would rub my belly a few times and slide his hand so it touched the lower part of my breasts. That got me started. I put my elbows on the table which made my crop top go up and when I looked down I could almost see my nipples. I turned towards my husband and lifted my shoulders which brought the shirt over my right nipple. I was now facing my husband and he saw I took my panties off. His face turned red, and I got very excited. He got up to play pool and one of the guys came and sat down to talk to me. I turned so my legs were under the table, but my husband looked at me and winked. I spun my chair towards the guy and raised my drink and his eyes grew wide when he saw my shirt go up. As we talked, a few drops from my glass dripped on my thigh. I grabbed a napkin and lifted my leg as I wiped. The lump I saw in his pants showed me that he was pretty well endowed and that got me wetter. As I was wiping my leg dry, I could see that my skirt was very high giving him a view of a lifetime.
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what an awesome lady.... sexy is her middle name