Hubby's Friends Got Horny

    My husband called me saying that his golf buddies were stopping over after their game. He told me he would really love to wear something that would make him crazy. I asked him, Like What?", he said, "Surprise Me."
    I thought about it for a bit, then decided on my cut-off t-shirt and my jeans that are ripped in very dangerous places. My husband did the ripping. My t-shirt is cut very short and is very loose. I knew when I brought snacks and drinks to them, my shirt would get my husband what he wanted. 
   They all came in, sat out back and I got them their drinks and some things to munch on. I was cleaning up around the deck where they were, and I could feel the eyes burning. My husband told me later that he couldn't get up because of his stiff crotch and the guys just dropped everything when I first leaned over them serving their drinks with the short top, and then seeing my jeans when I was cleaning. I love when I see my husband go crazy knowing his buddies eat their hearts out.
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

would love to have been there great pics and lovely boobs

omg .. i want to be your husbands friend... nieghbor .. mow the yard anything