I Did It For My Hubby!!!

     I thought I did this for my hubby, but it was quite hot for me too.

My husband called to tell me two of his friends were stopping over after their golf game. He asked me if I would wear my blue bikini that, when wet, is pretty transparent. I told him sure, and that I'd have munchies ready for them. I heard them pull up, and I was already laying by the pool. They all came in and walked to the back. We have a screened porch from the house, then the pool. They grabbed beer and sat as we talked I noticed them looking at me as I was on the lounge chair tanning. I had the top of the bikini untied from my neck to avoid tan lines. One side of the top had slipped down a little letting some of my boob to show. After about 15 minutes, I tied my top, and got in the pool to cool off. When I got out I could see them start squirming in their chairs. Once I was wet, the bathing suit is see through. I sat and untied the string from my neck and purposely left both sides just over my nipples. When I laid back and closed my eyes, I was peeking at them while they just stared. My husband went inside to go to the bathroom. The 2 guys were just staring  non stop. I raised my hands and put them behind my head as I pretended to sleep which brought the top of the bikini down and now totally below both of my boobs. Now I was laying there virtually topless. I started to breathe a little heavier with excitement as they started. I could feel myself getting wetter. The bottom of the bikini was totally see through at this point too. I loved every minute of it.
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wow and what a pic

Lucky friends, it would be great to see your hot body