Helping A Friend!

   We have this friend that lost his wife to cancer a while ago. He is an older man that just seems to have lost his zest for life. He works with my husband and we've had him over for a few holidays but he is always very introverted. He would eat, help clean, then go and sit alone at home. He has been working on his yard and garden a lot, so I had an idea. We had bought a few plants to put in these hanging planters we have around the deck and porch. 
     I decided to help this poor guy out and have a little fun myself. He always tries to get a peek when he's over the house, so I know he's not dead. I put on white lace panties, a white cotton skirt, and a loose crop top and no bra. My husband wasn't home, and I needed help to get the plants in the planters. 
     I saw him working on his lawn, and I walked over to ask if he would mind giving me a little help. I noticed, since he was on his knees, his eyes scrolled slowly up my legs and I could tell he almost got the shot he wanted but I was a few feet away.  We walked back to my house, I offered him a beer and asked if he could grab the plants from the side of the house. As he did that, I got the small ladder,put it by one of the hangers, and climbed up enough steps so when he handed me the flowers, my skirt was about head high.
     When he came with the first plant, I was only on the first step of the ladder, and when he gave it to me, I crawled up 1 rung at a time. I made the ladder shake a little and I asked if he could hold it so I didn't fall. I had 1 foot on the 3rd step and 1 on the 2nd when he handed the pot to me. As I got it, he was holding the ladder and I was looking down at him. My top is loose as well as the skirt so when I went up higher I had to reach up to place the plant in the hanger. The higher I reached, the higher I felt my top rise. I kept going until I felt my shirt slide over my nipples and now my breasts were out. I peeked down to see him licking his lips because his mouth was so dry, and I could see that my top was well above my boobs, and I reached and got on 1 foot to reach higher, spreading my legs as I reached over. My panties were so wet, and being white lace, and thongs, He had to see my labia when I reached. I could feel the thong go in between my lips. I was so hot I starting getting dizzy. We did this with 4 plants.
To be continued---
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

Do you need anymore help hanging plants ? I would love to help you out if you wear that outfit. How delicious !!!