Helping A Friend! Part 2

   I left off with the older widower neighbor helping me put new plants in hanging planters in the backyard. After going up and down the ladder hanging 4 plants, I could see that he was trying not to let me see that he had a huge erection under his shorts. It was so noticeable that no matter how hard he tried, his penis stuck straight out. It was hot out as well, so both of us were a little sweaty. I was really wet seeing him getting looks up my skirt as I hung the plants. I think he liked it more when I reached up and my crop top went up over my breasts. In retrospect, I should have not worn the lace panties. That might have been a little to obvious though.
    I insisted that he let me make him lunch, and that I had stuff for Pina Colada's. He asked me if I drank vodka. I told him only shots with a drop of mountain dew. He said perfect and that he'd be right back. I told him to bring his bathing suit with him because I was  going to hop in the pool. He's never seen me in a bikini and he told me that was good since he was so sweaty.When he turned to run to his house I noticed that he still had that bulge in his shorts. It was kind of funny because it stuck straight out like a sun dial. It was nice to see him with a little life, and he seemed to be having a good time finally. I was really getting turned on watching him getting the looks he had been missing since he lost his wife. My God, he smiled finally. 
    I was thinking of what to do next to keep this getting better. I decided to start making the Pina Colada's so they would be ready when he got back. Also, we could do a shot or two sitting on the back porch. I opened the blinds that cover the sliding glass doors from the bedroom to the porch. When he knocked I yelled to come in. When he opened the door, I was reaching to the highest shelf in the closet for the glasses, making sure my shirt was way up over my chest. I actually looked in the mirror and knew the shirt was near my neck. I continued reaching as he walked towards the kitchen looking directly at me. He opened the vodka and poured the shots, and I whipped up the Pina Colada's. We did a shot, then another, and then I said "One more, then I wanna jump in the pool!" I led him to the porch table, and placed his drink so he faced the doors. He sat, and we did the 3rd shot. That shot hit me, and I said, "whew"  I went in the sliding door to the bedroom and told him I'd be out in a minute and to jump in the pool if he wanted. I laughed when he said he'd wait. 
     Now,I don't know if this was more exciting for me or him, but when I was in the bedroom, I could see in the mirror on my dresser him perfectly sitting at the table watching. I bent over to get my bikini from the drawer, , then still facing the mirror with my back to him I took off my skirt, and then pulled my top over my head. I was shaking like crazy, and ready to explode. I walked to the vanity just in my soaked lace thong, turned on the light. I could see this poor old guy move his chair a little to get a clear shot. I looked at myself in the mirror, and at him in the reflection with a perfect view in. I laid my bikini out, and then slowly started to slide my lace thongs off my hips, down my thighs and slipped them off. I sincerely thought I was going to faint. I bent over to pick up my thongs with my *** facing him. My ***** was so soaked, I felt myself dripping down my leg. I quickly grabbed a towel to dry off.
    I brushed my hair and looking in the mirror at him on the porch staring right at me. I stood there thinking I was ready to have an ******. My suit was on the bed, so I turned to get my bikini and as I grabbed it I turned facing him pretending not to look as I got dressed. I went out the bedroom door to the kitchen and got the vodka out of the freezer. I was still dizzy from all the excitement, and now I was really enjoying this. I stood over his shoulder pouring the shots and I could see that the head of his **** was almost out of his bathing suit. I saw that and thought, "a little more!". We had 2-3 more shots, and I was very tipsy. We laughed a lot, and I told him it was mission to make him smile. He thanked me and told me he needed to let loose. 
    I tell my husband everything, and I mentioned that I think this was so much fun because he wasn't home. He was insulted at first, but then knows me.I told him I did the same teasing, but it was kind of exciting knowing he wasn't watching. 
   After we did more shots, both slightly drunk, slurring our words and laughing constantly, I grabbed his hand and said, "C'mon, let's go in the pool!!" As he got up he almost fell and fell back on the chair. This time, his shorts slid up and out came his very hard, but very pretty head of his ****. He didn't realize because we were laughing so hard. I reached over and poked the head, "Look who came out to play", and I cracked up. He looks down and said "oh ****". He got up, laughing, fixed himself but his **** was still so hard, he had to adjust himself. I told him, "Ya know what? **** it, Let's get crazy, but let's do another shot first.  He looked at me wondering what I meant. He turned to pour 2 shots, and I untied my top, slipped off the bottoms and dove in the pool. He turned around, and yelled,"YEAH"!! , ran to the pool,ripped off his shorts and jumped in. He was still hard as a rock. We floated around and just talked and laughed naked. When we got out, he got out first, and I complimented him on how cute his balls were. He handed me a towel,
    That was tons of fun. Then I threw up.  
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Love the story! The only downside is the pics do not load nor am I able to right mouse click and view. Story is perfect without the pics. Keep up the great work sweetie!

I think this story is in other groups. That, or EP took them down.

great story and lovely pics