Helping A Friend! Part 3

     After the older widower neighbor left,  I laid on my bed and had 2 ridiculous *******.  The fun we both had, and more important,the fact that he seemed to finally laugh for the first time in a long time. For me it was VERY stimulating when he watched me. The thing that got me really excited is when I saw him looking in my bedroom through the sliding glass doors. 
    I knew he loved it as well. After sleeping off the 2 mind-blowing ******* and the shots of vodka, I started thinking. It was now about 6 pm. I called my husband and told him that I think our neighbor is getting better. I told him about my day and he laughed and said, "You're a bad girl!". I told him that I was going to see if he wanted to go to Chili's to eat since he wasn't going to be home until later anyway. My husband told me to ask him if he would cover up the pool before we left. He loves the fact our bedroom glass doors give a nice show if we're in the mood. I knew I was SO into letting him watch me since it was mutually exciting, and now I started getting hot knowing what I was going to do.
   I called my new smiling friend and asked how he was, then told him to get dressed and come with me to get something to eat. He paused for a second, and then said, "Sure, great idea."  Instead of Chili's, I picked a better eatery. 
     He came over about 15 minutes later. When he knocked on the door, I had on my short red silk robe a friend got me from China. I told him that I just needed to jump in the shower and would be ready in about 15 minutes. I told him that my husband had hoped that he could cover the pool since he was coming home late, and he said that was no problem. He followed me through the living room to the kitchen. I leaned into the refrigerator to get a bottled water which started the fun. This silk robe barely covers my butt when I'm standing, never mind bending over. I told him there were beers in the little fridge on the back porch. When I closed the refrigerator and turned facing him, I noticed him looking at my chest. I explained how to cover the pool and when I opened my water bottle I saw that the tie around the robe was loose and very near to untying. The bottom was okay but the top was very loose. Knowing that, I was telling him how much fun today was, and that I haven't laughed that much in a long time. As I was talking, I twisted trying to get the robe a little looser. Finally, I reached to get a glass for my water and without him seeing, I pulled 1 side over just enough so when I turned around my left boob was out. He looked and pointed and said, "Umm, you're *** is out." I looked and said, "Oops, sorry about that." He went to cover the pool, and I told him I'd be 15 minutes tops. I went and turned on the shower, and saw him in the backyard. With the verticals on the sliding glass doors to my bedroom halfway open, and the window to the shower next to the sliding glass doors having no covering, I knew this would be fun. 
     I saw that he was looking in at me while he was putting the cover on the pool. It was getting dark out, and with the lights on in the bedroom, that made his view even better. I took off my robe, and got in the shower. He walked around the pool and got closer to the shower window. I put shampoo in my hair, faced the window and massaged the shampoo on my hair. I could see him getting closer because it seemed that my eyes were closed as I shampooed. 
     After the shower, I opened the shower window and yelled to him as he was finishing the pool cover to give me 5 minutes. He said that he was almost done. I stood by the vanity looking in the mirror and heard the porch door open and close. I went to the closet and grabbed what I was going to wear and saw that he sat exactly where he sat before. I started getting a little shaky with excitement. I needed a glass of wine. I rapped a towel around me and got a huge goblet of Merlot. I took 2-3 gulps, refilled the glass and went back to do my make-up and hair. I dropped the towel and pranced around the bedroom getting hotter and hotter seeing him watch my every move. I purposely stood by the vanity under the lights.

     I was really loving what I knew he was seeing.  I couldn't believe how erotic it was for me to. I strolled in and out of the closet absolutely naked. My nipples were hard as a rock. My breathing got faster when I went right up to the door, got my lotion from the night table, and sat on the bed facing him rubbing lotion on my legs and then I had a small ****** when I rubbed lotion on my breasts. I could see that he had both hands under the table.  I got dressed in my outfit in the walk-in closet so he couldn't see. I came out and we both did a shot of vodka and left to eat. I was careful to get in the car because my skirt was pretty short, and I didn't want him to see anything. We went to a TGIF's that has tables upstairs. The hostess led us to our table and he followed me up the stairs. 
    I felt myself start to feel lightheaded as I walked up the stairs and he was right behind me.
   He is such a sweet happy soul now. We actually set him up and now he has a girlfriend. She has a naughty side too. 
I'll keep you posted!!!
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Love ur stories. Ur a great person. Thanks

Wow! Nothing better than a good teasing story!

you really are a hot woman

You certainly are a HOT wife :-)