No Tan Lines!!!

     I've been tanning nude for years. I started at first laying in my backyard and being very self conscious as I laid down in my child's little pool. I had to be careful since our next door neighbor's house is a two story home. The second story windows overlook our backyard. I would prop lounge chairs to block the view, then I'd untie my bathing suit top and tan. As time went by I still blocked the view, but I wasn't as self conscious. I eventually was tanning totally nude. A few times I'd hear noises from next door or in the front of the house, and I'd look and cover up until I knew it was safe.
     One day I was laying out around noon, which was my usual so I knew the boys next door were in school. One was a senior, and one a junior in high school. I was out there about 30 minutes when I got up and hopped in the pool to cool off. As I splashed some water over my shoulders, I saw my neighbor's upstairs window open. I didn't think anything of it at first, but when I was getting out, I reached on the chair and grabbed my towel. The older boy, who was 18, must have been home sick and was peeking out his window. He was standing back in the hopes he wouldn't be seen. I went about my tanning as if I didn't notice. It actually was very exciting knowing he was up there. I laid back down, and here I was totally naked and this nice kid that has never really had a girlfriend was probably getting his first glimpse of the female anatomy. I got up a few times and jumped in the pool, and then back to lay out. It was quite an exciting afternoon.
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That kid will never forget that day

Best. Neighbor. Ever. :)

a beautiful view

You are out there teasing that poor kid whose probably got some kind of raging hard on and the best he can do is choke his chicken. You could at least signal an invitation to join you. Hey he's 18 and legal and likes your body. Might be satisfying to go 5 or 6 rounds with a young one.

Read more stories. We've had tons of fun

You are a Sun Goddess! Just love your all over tan. Especially your tanned bum. Very sexy!

If you got it flaunt it, and you really do "got" it. Perfect size breasts and a totally bare *****.

When hubby shaves me, it's clean. I like to leave just a tad

OMG!!! To be your neighbor at ANY age....