With Hubby's Blessing

     My gorgeous husband has been SO busy making money lately, and still coming home with just that look when he walks in, makes me rip his clothes off.  I told him that since he was working the next day that I was going to the beach. Then I told him that I was going to tell our older neighbor guy to go also. His response was delayed, but then smiled telling me "You better take pictures!" I called my neighbor who lost his wife to cancer and after time, he needed to get happy., I told him "We're going to the beach!!"  He listens well, plus he had a great weekend with a friend. It was so nice to see him finally thinking of LIFE, instead of how life sucked since he lost his wife. So my hubby left for work, and I was packing up food and drinks for the beach.
     Funny that Paul came over 5 minutes after my husband left. Coincidence? I thought it was cute. He knocked, and I yelled, "doors open". He came in the door saying he had a bag of ice. Purposely leaving the bedroom door open, I told him the cooler was on the counter in the kitchen and to put the ice in it. He walked by the door to the bedroom on the way to the kitchen and I told him I was almost ready. 
   After getting out of the shower, I threw a towel around me. I told him that I needed a favor. He stood at the bedroom door and asked me what the favor was. I told him that I wanted  him to take pictures specifically for my husband, but I was going to say that a girlfriend took them,. He is a very good photographer and has a much better camera. He agreed, and then was a little shaken when on the way to the coast, I told him we were going to a "clothing optional" beach. He said he's never been, and I assured him he'll love it. When we arrived, we walked along the beach and passed the regular nude beach goers. They are normally older couples, and a few guys that fish naked. I often worry about those guys getting a fishing hook stuck somewhere they didn't intend. After finding a spot that was a nice distance from other people, I spread down the big sheet and told Paul to get the drink cooler because I was thirsty. I walked around the sheet, turned on the radio, grabbed my tanning oil, and took off my bikini top. I LOVED seeing the look in his eyes as he poured the drinks. He seemed shocked at how naturally, and without a second thought, I got topless. I looked at him as I rubbed the oil on my chest and said, "What? Jeez, we skinny dipped last week!! Is there a problem?" He was so cute. He said he couldn't take his shorts off just yet. I told him, "When in Rome!" I stood up, reached for my drink, and he had a drink in both hands. I bent down, grabbed his shorts, and in less than 2 seconds he was standing there holding a drink in each hand, and his shorts around his ankles. When I yanked his shorts down, his penis sprang up like it was spring loaded. It almost smacked me in the head. I laughed, then apologized. I told him the same thing happened to my husband the first time we were here. I took my drink and told him to lay on his stomach and give it 10-15 minutes. Both laughing at this point, , I loved seeing him spring up like that. He has a very nice looking thing. I was extremely impressed with his balls. I was shocked when I saw they were shaved. When I said, "Wow, You shave down there?", He told me that his weekend away with the woman we set him up with did it. I told him how cool that was. He laid down, and I took the sunscreen and started to put it on his back and shoulders, and then took both hands and did his butt cheeks. I told him that my husband missed that part and regretted it later when his *** peeled. When I did that, I took my fingernails and tickled his balls for a millisecond and told him she did a good job. He told me it was a little weird when she told him that she wanted to shave him, but he got to shave her too. He said it was the most erotic thing he's ever done. I told him that I already warned him that she's a freak.  I took a gulp of my drink and asked if he was ready to go in the water. I stood up, and he said he needed a minute. As he said that, I grabbed the knot from my hip and pulled and kicked off my bikini and walked down and jumped in the ocean. He got up and jumped in a few minutes later. The cooler water relaxed him a little and he started getting more comfortable.
     We talked about what I had in mind as far as pictures, and I told him I wanted some sexy pictures that my husband could have. We got out of the water, had a drink and he said, "I hate to say this, but put your bikini back on."  I did, and he started snapping away.
    We took more pictures and we drank a LOT more. On the drive home I told him I wanted to take a few more when we got home. We got to the house and I told him I was jumping in the pool to get the salt off. He was doing something with the camera in the kitchen. I went out the kitchen door to the pool, took off my bikini and jumped in. I yelled in telling him the water felt great and to bring me a drink. He came out, saw me on the raft, jumped in and brought me my drink. 
    I took my drink, and then went in the sliding doors to the bedroom. He said the camera was ready when I was and I said, "Give me 5 minutes." I saw him watch me in the bedroom changing. Seeing him peering in the glass doors was quite exciting. It got more wild when I saw him through the mirror unsnap his shorts and throw them on the deck.  I watched as he went to the steps and got out of the pool with a very stiff hard on. He walked over to the glass doors to the bedroom and knocked twice. I turned around as I was putting on what I wanted to wear for the pictures and he was smiling and pointing at his erection saying how happy it was it still did that. I cracked up laughing  and realized I was standing laughing with just panties on. Watching him finally smiling got me happy, but was also getting me extremely excited. Knowing he obviously was excited to, all day no less, I was really having fun just letting him see me. I went over and slid the sliding door open and gave him a towel. I looked down as his **** and asked if it hurt since it's been like that all day? I laughed again and put on my denim vest and asked him, "Does this look okay?" He grabbed his camera, and directed me.
    I was throwing a sweater on and he said, "Don't move!"
        After, he said he had a great idea. We went out to the screened porch, and he was getting good with ideas. At this point he still had nothing on and he was still hard as a rock. I was really loving the fact that, for his age, it stayed hard that long. He told me how nice my *** was and took this.
  I took off the shorts, and noticed that he had been leaking a little *** from his ****. I didn't say anything, but I started breathing a little faster seeing that. My husband knows all this, and I sincerely thought about dropping on my knees and relieving him. That, I just couldn't do, but the thought did go through my head. I went back in the bedroom, and he followed looking at the pictures he had taken. I said I have an idea. I went back out, sat on the chair naked and he told me put your head back,  etc.
   BY this time, I was ridiculously wet, and seeing him taking pictures was crazy. When he was focusing, I would look at his ****, and seeing *** pulsating like a beating heart. GOD, that made me nuts seeing it actually throb. With that being said, I stood up and said asked, "What do you think? Any other ideas?" He said,"well, how bout this?" 
     He was on the floor shooting up and when he said to bend over I could feel his breath on my *****. I grabbed a tissue and told him to hold on as I wiped myself before he took it. After he took it, I stood up, and still had the tissue. He stood up, and he was throbbing so bad, he squirted a little as he stood up. I had at least 3 slow ******* during this and when I saw that, I took the tissue and grabbed him, pulled up and wiped him off. When I grabbed and wiped he lost it and I felt as the tissue was on his head, a huge bolt of warm cream shoot in the tissue.
    First thing I said, "Whoa, are you ok?" and he couldn't say a peep. 
   My husband called about an hour later, and we were sitting in the den, doing shots of vodka looking at the pictures. 
   He's a happy camper, and I would guess he had fun with his girlfriend that night.
   Hope you enjoyed this as much as we did.
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Great story, did you ever have sex with the neighbor? Oh the photos are very sexy too

great story

I am big fan of LckmeNow.. wait that's you!! :

Great story and awesome pictures. I have been looking for a professional photographer for my wife. Love how erotic and classy they are.