Husband Asked For It!!!

   After I told my husband about the day at the beach with our neighbor, and showed him the pictures, he got so aroused that he said he wished he could have seen it. He brought up an idea so he could watch. He'd ask him if he wouldn't mind fixing the shower head in the upstairs bathroom since it's been leaking really bad, and he's been so busy at work. He's a retired plumber and had all the tools. I told him how excited I got when I saw his **** pulsating and then grabbed it with the tissues. It briefly came up that oral might be okay. He said as long as he was there, that it already was giving him a hard on. I specifically said, "Are you sure? There is no turning back." We both agreed that is a unique situation, and the poor old guy was loving it. He knew I liked the beach day, but now he'd be there watching, so he was getting really excited thinking of it.
     He called and told him to come over for a beer, he wanted to ask a favor. I went and changed into something I knew they would both like. I put the t.v. on and laid on the floor. My husband opened the door and let him in and handed him a beer. My husband sat on 1 side and Paul, sat on the recliner. I was in the middle on the floor knowing Paul was looking up my ripped shorts. The zipper is broken so they show all the way, but just above my pelvic bone. Knowing that, I rolled on my side and asked if he wanted a shot. I saw his eyes were focused on my shorts since they gaped in the front so he could see me. I was already getting hot. These shorts are so revealing. I know how to work them though. lol.  He said yes, so I got up and came back with 3 shots and sat indian style on the floor. I knew with my legs crossed he looked directly at my *****. I could feel that I was sitting directly on the rug. My husband showed him the shower upstairs and Paul said he would come over in the morning and take the head off and go to the store for the replacement. My husband gave him the money and thanked him. He said that he had to leave very early and has been to busy to fix it. He left about 5 minutes later and said he would call me in the morning. My husband told him he was carpooling to work so that's why his car would be there. 
     The next morning Paul called around 10. He asked if it was ok to come over and take the bad shower head off. I told him I'd leave the door open and I was going to go also because I needed a few things. My husband was in the walk-in closet, and I left the bedroom door open and heard him come in. Paul yelled "good morning",  He walked to the bedroom door as I did my hair.
When he saw me, he asked if I was going to the store like that, and I looked and said yes and what's wrong with it? I reached down and pulled the dress down since when I lift my arms it slides up my butt.  Paul upstairs and my hubby hugged me and I could feel how hard he was already. Again, I asked if he was sure. He told me he couldn't wait, and reached down and took off my thongs. I looked at him and told him he was nuts, and you can see through this. He begged and I told him, ok whatever. I drove and when I got in the car, the dress was almost to my hips. I literally felt my ***** on the leather seat. We went to separate stores, and he was done first and came looking for me. When I saw him walking down the aisle, I stood on the bottom shelf, and reached up to get something. I felt my dress slide up my butt. I got down and fixed it after he had a nice peek. I could already see that he was hard in his baggy shorts. I looked down on the ride home and saw that my dress rode up and he could see my entire crotch. I was getting wetter, and giggled when I noticed he didn't say a thing. We got home, and he walked upstairs and I went in the bedroom. My husband grabbed my *** and hugged me and pulled my dress over my head. I grabbed his throbbing ****, put on a long t-shirt and went to make drinks in the kitchen. I yelled upstairs and told him that I made a batch of drinks and he said he'd be done in a few minutes.
     This is when I started getting very horny. I had my drink, walked by the pool, and I looked up and saw him working on the shower head and the window was open. I moved my chair around so the sun was right, but more importantly, when I laid down I'd be facing him. I put the towel down, and took off my t-shirt. I saw my husband in the bedroom taking off his shorts and stroking himself. I was standing there nude, and I grabbed my tanning oil. I was getting oiled up and I asked how the job was going. He looked down, and said so far so good. I could see him watching me as he was working. We kept the conversation going, when I laid back on the lounge on my back rubbing oil on my stomach. We were still talking when I put both my legs up rubbing oil on my legs with both hands. My husband came all over the glass, and I did to. Paul was looking down and I could hear his voice tremble when he saw me.
     I heard him curse a few times, so I sat up and asked if he needed any help. He said actually he did. I told him to let me wash the oil off my hands.I walked in the bedroom, grabbed my husbands ****, dropped to my knees and took his entire **** in my mouth. He came instantly. I went to the sink, washed my hands and my husband and I downed 2 shots. I walked out, and started up the stairs still naked. I yelled up that I was all greasy and not to get excited. When I walked in the bathroom, I saw his raging hard-on sticking from his shorts. He handed me a wrench and told me he needed me to hold this one part so he could unscrew the other. I was dripping wet by this time. I had to step up on the bathtub to reach the shower head. He was standing in the shower and I reached over him putting the wrench on. I was leaning over him with him looking up trying to twist the shower. I leaned over trying to twist the other way and my boobs were hanging in his face. I pretended to be trying to turn the thing and rubbed my nipple across his cheek and moved so it slid across his open mouth. He tilted his head saying he couldn't see. When he tilted his head I felt his lips tighten on my stiff nipples. My nipples were so hard and my ***** was so wet. As he was getting the job done, I had my ***** resting on his shoulder. When I was twisting the wrench I was rubbing my **** across his shoulder and almost fell in the tub when I had a heart-stopping ******. When we were done, I told him to give me his shirt, it was all sweaty so I could wash it. Actually, where I came on his shoulder was drenched. lol. He took off his shirt, and I looked down at his erection sticking straight out. I told him, "Is that what holds your shorts up?" and laughed. I went down and noticed my husband had crawled up the stairs and saw that. I went back outside, and when I heard the shower go on and off I yelled telling him I had the drinks outside already. He came outside and I was sitting up on the chair. He stood right in front of me with his **** pointing at me through his shorts. I gave him his drink, I put mine on the ground and yanked his shorts down around his ankles. He stepped out of his shorts and I could feel his **** resting on my head. When I lifted my head up his **** hit my nose. I grabbed it with one hand tightly and moved it over so I could reach down and grab my drink. I sat up with my drink and started stroking him. I just looked at the head as I pulled up and down and I saw he was leaking and ready to ***. I took a big gulp of my drink with a mouthful of ice. I swallowed the drink and rapped my lips on his throbbing **** and he ice stopped him from *******. I looked up and he told me that my husband was going to kill him. I stood up and say this never happened. I went over and sat on the steps of the pool to cool off, and he grabbed a raft and just floated around as we talked.
    As we were talking, he floated closer and got off the raft and started swimming over me. I kept my head back, and felt his hands slide up my legs to my hips. He had both hands on my hips and I could feel his **** on my feet. He slid his body higher up and his hands went up on my breasts. I was so hot because I could feel his **** now on my knees and going up my thigh. He took both his hands, and slid them under my *** and now started licking and biting my ****. His hands clenching my *** and he reached under and slid his fingers around my *****. I couldn't move as he started kissing up my neck and then to my lips. I could feel his **** poking near my *****. I couldn't help myself at this point and spread my legs and wrapped them around his waist. I reached down grabbing his **** so he wouldn't enter me. Still kissing me, I got up and said I had to pee. He sat there and I went in the bedroom and saw my husband. I was shaking and told him that I wanted to let him **** me and I almost started crying. He said to go for it.  I went back out and he was sitting on the steps. I walked over and rapped my leg around him, facing him. I stood over him and put my ***** right on his mouth. He started sucking and jamming his tongue in and out and I couldn't stand up anymore. I slid down his body and he kissed my boobs and I reached down and slid his **** in me. I sat slowly down on him, then little by little I went up and down on him. The pace got so fast that the water was splashing everywhere. I could feel him getting ready to ***, so I grabbed his hand and told him to pour us a shot. I went in the bedroom, through on my fishnet thigh highs, went in the kitchen and we both did a shot. His **** was still so hard. I grabbed his hand, led him to the den and pushed him down on the couch. I could see my husband watching from the bedroom with the camera. I sat on his ****, and this old man was like a 17 year old.
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Wow I need to call a plumber for my wife to have fun with

I can't believe how amazing you are. This is very well written with some great pics. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

I know a little plumbing. Anytime!

wow another great story