Husband's Dream Date

     My husband told me his fantasy was for us to go to this club we've been to a few times. It's an upstairs nightclub with live bands and very nice. He bought this mini skirt that had a lace lining around the bottom. It is black and stretchy thin cotton. It is also dangerously short and rides up my butt with every step I take. It's short as it is, but the material ends higher, and the lace edging barely covers my ***. When I wear it, you can see my butt cheeks through the black lace *****, and I have to be very careful about the front. He told me his scenario and I thought it would be fun.
     He sat on the back deck and peered in the verticals watching me get ready. I put on black thongs, black thigh high stockings, then the skirt. I wore a crop top that was also short and as the night goes on it gets loose letting it slide up and show the lower half of my boobs, almost to the nipple. I wore a short jacket and my favorite black 4 inch stilettos. We parked the car and I walked in first. I paid the cover, and started up the steps to the club. My husband walked in behind me, paid his cover, and was a few steps behind me as we went up. My skirt was already above the lace tops of my stockings and I was sure my husband had quite a view as well as the guy collecting the cover charges. 
   I fixed my skirt, and got a stool at the bar. My husband sat at a table by the dance floor. I ordered a glass of wine, and chatted with the gorgeous bartender. I told him I was meeting some friends. After some time, and a few glasses of wine, I sat sideways on the stool talking with a nice couple. My husband was looking so I crossed my legs which brought the skirt up showing the top of my thigh highs, and it was high enough so my bare leg was exposed as we talked. The waitress came over and told me that a gentleman would like to buy you a drink. It was from my husband. I looked and lifted my glass and mouthed thank you. I turned and continued my conversation. It was getting warmer as more people got there and I took my jacket off. My husband had a great view so I made sure my cut off shirt, , let him see some lower breast. I was looking at him as I took my jacket off, and when I turned back to the couple, the guy's eyes were looking down. I grabbed my wine and secretly looked to see how much was showing. The bottom of the top was just covering my hard nipples. I quickly pulled the shirt down. My husband bought another drink for me. I went to the bathroom, and fixed my makeup and hair, went in a stall, and took off my thongs. I went over and thanked my husband for the drinks and slipped my thongs in his pocket. He whispered, "Remember, no touching your skirt or shirt!" I smiled and went back to the bar. The place was getting crowded, but my hubby still could see me. Again, I put one leg over the other letting the skirt ride almost to my hip. The couple said why don't we dance, and I said great idea.
    This is what my hubby was waiting for. The three of us get on the floor near my husband and danced together. Walking to the dance floor made my skirt ride up already, and I could feel it was 1/2 way up my butt. The rule was, I couldn't touch. I looked down, and now without panties, the front of my skirt was over the lace tops of my stockings. I looked at my husband, and he smiled and grabbed his crotch. I spun around, and faced a couple of single guys standing on the edge of the dance floor. I raised my arms and ran my fingers through my hair as I danced which brought my crop top way up. I looked down and it was above my nipples when I lifted my shoulders up. I saw the guys elbowing each other and staring. I turned back to my my husband and saw his face get red with excitement. My skirt was now high enough that my husband could see my *****, and the lace ***** was well above my ***.
   We eventually left, and screwed in the car. It was hard to make it that far.
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5 Responses May 6, 2012

Damn, but that was an erotic story. I would have loved to be there and see your nipples and ***** in full view. Your husband is a very lucky man to have a hot wife like you!

I love that game! I've been trying to get my wife to loosen up and play games like that for years! You're Awesome!!! XOXO

Your husband is very lucky!

i would have loved to see that show! Any pics of the outfit?

Hot story, wish I were on that dance floor