Of course I walked onto the unit without purpose that night. Going through the motions feeling so numb inside. I was feeling so horny lately haven't been intimate with a guy in over a year. Sex seemed to play a big role in my non sexual life. I couldn't even look at my hair brush without visualizing using the handle in pleasing myself. So here I was sitting at the nurses station getting report thinking about my upcoming birthday and how old I was with no sex life.
I was beyond horny. For Those Of YOU That Have A Regular Sex Life Whether With A Willing Partner OR With Your hand....Have Pity For Those Who Go 365 days. I know what desperation means. Horny. Moist. Getting aroused over seeing a weight bench and what you imagine you could do on it. Wow. I was overly ripe for the picking...anyway
I'm at work and I get a new patient Mr X in room 245. He was there for a total knee repair. Same age as myself I noticed so I proceed in starting my head to **** oops I mean toe assessment. Hmmm. He's a nice looking bloke. Has a very sexy voice. Deep. God how I love that word. Focus Cathi. Anyway...
I start with getting all the past medical history. ..boring mundane questions. I suspect he's kinda flirting with me but what do I know. ..my sexy flirty self went into hibernation 365 days ago. I find myself going into a tingling distraction and squeeze my legs together to try to stop my aroused ***** from humming with need. At this point I wonder if I can get through the physical exam. He continues to pay compliments to me. I wonder if he heard my gasp. I'm at a lost for words at thus point. I feel the heat on my face as I blush. Survival instincts kick in and I tighten my legs even more. I can actually see his bed sheet start to tent. I speak like I'm retarded and babble. The electricity in the room is exactly what they refer to in the movies. Static. The Unprofessional Lust Swells up. Literally. I can't take my eyes off his obvious erection. I want. I so want to devour him. My embarassment knows on bounds. My juices flow with need. He knows I'm overwhelmed and feeds off my desires. His vital signs are irregular due to his attraction. . He's proud of his equipment. And shows no shame as I lift back his sheet.....sweet jesus, he's an adonis...

*** back tomorrow for part twoooooooooo
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You sound like a woman with passion. Love that. Like your story so far. Please add. Let's chat.

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