I Love Myself !!!

I love myself for three reasons.....1. I don't have to go on a yo-yo diet just to get back to my right size. 2. I love to buy clothes that makes me feel comfortable. 3. My love of my life loves me for who I am. Whenever I look at myself in the mirror, It's more than a part of me, It's all me! All Woman!!! Grown and Sexy kind of woman. I enjoyed go to Ashley Stewart or Lane Bryant, it's expensive...but, I feel good, relaxed, better fitting and more appealing. I don't have to pay for putting on the weight and damn sure that I don't have to pay for taking it off! I love the thickness, the firmness and the shape of it. I admire all plus-sized women on television, models, and circular papers. If they can show some thick skin.....then I can show mine!
mysticvictoria mysticvictoria
36-40, F
Jul 10, 2013