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Why I Became A Sissy Girl

Why I became a sissy girl all started when I was a small child.  My mother's relatives all had girls for children.  Most of my dad's family had girls as well.  My parents always visited their family every year.  I recall on numerous occasions that in order for me to entertain myself I ended up playing with paper dolls, Ken and Barbie and to a lessor extent GI Joe.  I believe that this had a large impact on how I became who I am today.  Another factor that I feel impacted me in ways I could never understand until now was that in school I was always a shy child.  I never had a girl friend and placed all women I came across on pedestals.  I understood at an early age that it was the woman that ran the relationship.  Woman wrote the rules and decided who they would go out with and it was always the Alpha Male, not the paper doll playing sissy.  Although I am happy surrendering myself to all the woman of the world finding a woman that wants a sissy has always been an impossible task.  3 marriages gone south has proved that belief.  I do feel that one thing positive has come of all of this and that is I believe that I understand women alittle better.  I believe that I can pick out their clothes for them, the color of their nails, the way they set up their make-up and hair and the way they look when they go out on the town.  Thanks for allowing me to tell my story.
sisterindisguise sisterindisguise 56-60, M 7 Responses Jun 17, 2010

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Well I like the fact that this place you can tell your life history to and you will find in time someone who knows what you are talking about and they had the same experiences as you!

A suggestion would be to search for a dominating female ads or just dominating women. Their you will find plenty of ladies wanting sissy's. Also search for some LGBT support groups. I have found when I attended these meeting their were always a few women looking for submissive sissy's.

Good idea. I'm a little Leary about the ads. Virus's, Trojans and all the tracking software that can be dropped on you. Plus the charge you so they have your credit card as well. Support Groups locally sounds like a viable option as well as some of the local "power exchanges" like APEX in AZ. (Arizona Power Exchange). I think there might be one in MN too. Thanks. Hope this helps as well.

Mirroring is perhaps the most sincere form of flattery...

I am sorry to hear your marriages did not work out. I think many crossdressers put women on pedestals we love them and we love their clothes and how they look and try to emulate them.


It isn't easy. That's for sure.

As you said, the sissies life is never easy. Most of us had only limited options, we try to suppress our desire to dressing, and maybe found a woman, and live with hear, but not so happily or we can dress, and probably didn't find a woman who really accept ourself as a mate. But its true, we can understand womans better.

I am with you on your desire. It is mine as well.