Aunt Of A "gurl"

Hello every one. My name is Jill and I am the aunt of a young boy who likes to dress and be as feminine as he can be. No I am not one of those aunts who caught him dressing in her clothing, I am not a dominatrix, and I do not in any way force him to dress and act this way. I do love my nephew greatly and only wish the best for him. I am writing this because he has asked me to. He wants people to know that there are those who help for no reason other than it is the right thing to do.

" John" came to me at age13 after my younger sister passed away. I was his only living relative. I knew about him dressing as my sister had kept me up on his progress since the day she found him in bra and panties several years before. We were brought up to be very tolerant and understanding to different life styles so she allowed him to discover exactly who he was by himself., giving direction only as needed. He was very petite and from the pictures she sent was a very pretty little girl when dressed up. He absolutely hated having to dress in anything that was boyish. He seemed to learn about being a girl with relish while distaining anything about boy stuff.

I am not myself a very effeminate woman but I tried to satisfy his curiosity as best I could but it usually turned out that it was I who did the learning from him. With in the first 6 months we had fallen into a wonderfull relationship of aunt and neice at home with small breaks of aunt and nephew when needed only. It was at this time that he asked if I could start calling him Karen while at home and that he wanted to start dressing and being a girl more even to the point of wearing panties and bras to school. He wanted to be able to go out as a girl and do the things other girls did. He wanted to go shopping for his own clothes and go to get his hair and nails done.

Of course this was impossible where we lived but a weeks trip to the city seemed to help. Thisa is when I began to think of him as HER. She fairly shone. With no hesitation John turned into Karen at a little motel we stayed in the first night and became the perfect little teen lady for the next 5. On our last night back at the little motel and she had to turn back into john it was a crying fest.

I resolved to figure a way she could be Karen more often and perhaps permanently.

We moved. I found a nice place in the city and from day 1 she was karen. There have been many hurtles from then to now, 7 years, School, doctors, but through it all she has been as solid as a rock in her determination to be who she wants to be.

I watched as she came home one day with a bag from the drug store and stated that she had started her period and produced a package of pads,FDS, feminine wipes and a douche from the bag. I was shocked but listened to how she had searched the net until she found a site where a lady gave lessons on how " sissies could have simulated periods. I was still shocked but very proud of her for taking on this commitment to womanhood. At her age I absolutely refused to let her inject anything into herself or to use tampons but from then to now she has not missed a month for any reason. Now she is 20 and much to her delight has a fully simulated period.

Well that is all I can write for now. Have to give my 2 fingers a rest. If there is any interest I'll write more later.

Love Aunt Jill

Auntjill Auntjill
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Jill there needs to be more human beings like you. Karen is a very fortunate lady to have someone as kind as you in her life. I had to make the trip alone, and it has been very difficult. I now have lived full time as a female since 1995, and am happier than I have ever been.<br />
God be with both of you ladys. Kathy

My girlfriend cheated on me with a black guy. She told me he is better and bigger than I am. Eventually she make me watch her have sex with the guy. She made me sit in a corner and wear panties and watch while she ****** him! Then they both laughed at me! I came in my panties! She left me and I wonder what she is doing now or whether she thinks of me and loves me

what a wonderful story, i wish i had someone like you around when i was younger. i am now living fulltime as a woman and i wish karen all the best ;)

Jill, I was moved when I read your story. I am a sissygurl, coming to form much differently than Karen. But, I accepted who and what I was and the past 10 years have been the best of my life. Like Karen, I too was taught to have my "period" and now for the past 10 years, every 28 days, I get my monthly visit from "Auntie Flo". Karen is a lucky gurl to have you and you are a great lady for allowing the butterfly to develop.<br />
With much love and respect to Jill and Karen,<br />

Jill, you are really great. It could have been disastrous if you wouldn't have taken Karen under your wing. To change as Karen did, seems almost impossible, however by moving to another area, gave Karen a good start to a new life. <br />
I'm in my late fifties; it's only been a year or so that my wife finaly convinced me to accept myself as one of the girls. She helps me with my clothes, makeup and how to be more "femme". I didn't get my ears pierced yet, but I do shave my legs on occasion. I can't believe how much time it takes to be a woman.<br />
You may call this sexist, but I enjoy doing housework in my housedress. My wife sees how happy I am, as I prounce around in my little skirt and pantyhose; she always says: "you're so happy doing my housework, you're such a cute sissy-girl". I just love it when she talks to me like that. I feel so fulfilled. It enhanced our marriage tenfold.<br />
<br />
One day, Karen may find someone to share her life with; You will never be alone Jill. You will be first on her guest list and will always be there for you.<br />
<br />
You are a great person!

Thank You Jill! You are a Wonderful person in accepting and encouraging yournephew to be his Feminine self. Male Femininity is a Wonderful trend that is getting Stronger all the time. There is Nothing Wrong with a Male wanting to be Pretty and Sweet! I hope more women will realize the great Service they do when they encourage Male Femininity!