My First Ballet Recital

My first ballet recital happened when I was about 12 years old. My mum had enrolled me in the local ballet school the year before and this was going to be my first ever ballet recital and I was so looking forward to it. My ballet lesssons had been going well and had been put in the 'girls intermediate' class which was a little enbarrasing considering that I was a boy, soft and delicate but still a boy. I was pretty good at catching up the steps probably made easier by the fact I had done gymastics before at school. At school, the word got out that I was taking ballet lessons so I was called a fairy, a sissy which to be true I was.
The ballet recital would consist of different pieces from the younger girls to the senior girls who would perform on pointes. Our teacher had choregraphed a very nice ballet for our group and although I was a boy, I was given exactly the same choregraphy as the girls to perform. We were rehearsing hard and the ltlle ballet looked really nice. Then came the moment all the girls and I were waiting for, the choice of the costumes. The girls would wear a whie tutu, pink tights and pink ballet shoes and for me it was decided that I would wear white tights, white ballet shoes but a white ballet tunic to match the girls's tutu. My mum took me to a dancewear shop for the fitting and to buy the costume which I think looked so pretty. I was also given a pink satin thong dance brief to wear under my white tights to avoid any panty line. I felt so emabarassed because they did look like just like panties but was told boys in ballet wore them.
Then the big day arrived, and the recital was in the afternoon. My mum,who I guessed has always wanted a girl, was also very looking forward to the recital. First I was taken by my mum in the morning to her haidresser. I had longish blond hair and it was decided it would look nice if my hair was curled for the recital  as this would look 'pretty'. We then went to pick up the costume and the make up kit and went to the ballet school to prepare for the show. I felt such like a sissy with my curled blond hair but all the ballet girls loved my new hair style. We did a warm up barre and then we started getting ready. I was allowed in the dressing room with the girls and my mum started appying my make up. This was my first time wearing make up and I loved it. We started with foundation, then power, eye shadows, little mascara. I looked in the mirror and with the blond curled hair and the make up I looked almost pretty like a girl. Then, as the girls were changing into their tights and tutu, I slipped my ballet briefs on and put on my tights and tunic. I was ready for the recital. We all gathered and got ready for the stage. The recital went well, I danced well and I was able to perform the trick steps like double pirouette well. At the end everyone applauded and each of the girls and me were handed a pink rose which was lovely.
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When I was at dance school we didn't wear leotards. The school had a sort of uniform of black stretch trunks and a white full sleeved blouse with a bow tied in the collar. As I was the only boy in the class I wore the same as the girls even for the end of year recital and the dance comps we attended I wore the same costumes, make up and a similar hair style.
When I was about thirteen all the girls were starting to wear bras so mum and my teacher said I had to as well under my blouse. I hated it but couldn't get them to let me stop wearing it.
Mum used to make me wear pretty girly blouses to and from dance class with velvet shorts that didn't have pockets so she made me carry a purse.
About six months of wearing a bra several times a week for about four hours a time I started to notice I was getting swelling on my chest. When I asked mum she said it was just my little boobies coming in and I should be happy that I would soon have something to fill my bras.
I was devastated but soon learned to love my little boobies especially when my girlfriends would have sleepovers and we would play touchy feely with each other.
I soon fell in love with all the beautiful lingerie mummy bought me.
By my sixteenth birthday I was a girl at all times when not in school but my mannerisms and everything about me screamed girl even when in my boys school uniform.
I was always called sissy and girly boy at school but didn't mind that much as I got to hang out with all the beautiful girls that I really loved and wanted to make love to but never could because they thought I was one of them. Eventually mummy got me introduced to a boy and he taught me how to love boys as a girl.
I'm not with anyone now but have had some beautiful love affairs over the years and had some very special girlfriends that have treated me as a special girlfriend.

Just a lovely story. Your hcurled hair is amazing. But it's no shame to be a sissy

That's so sweet!

I have just recently bought milliskin grey tights. I have truly been missing this. It was suggested by my ballet mistress to try some...well...I have never...ever, had such terrific fitting tights. I am really glad to have purchased the grey ones. Although I'm parcial to black...these grey tights produce lines I have never seen before. I had white Danskin seamed tights years ago and could never keep them up. No wonder Miss Stephane suggested these, starsailor85 just like your avitar, they are fab!!!

hi danseuretoile, In your opinion, which tights are the best for staying up, separating the bumb (preventing unibutt)? The repetto, degas or wear moi. My issue is my gigantic thighs and I have to have custom orders. I know that wear moi does not make my size thats why I went to M.Stevens Milliskin. Any suggestions. I love the look of the grey tights, I also enjoy the look of the womens faces when I wear them in class :)

I remember my disappointment when my mother bought me proper black boys ballet tights and informed me I shouldnt wear my older sister's tights to class. Girls tights are so much nicer and softer.I insisted on wearing a pair of girls tights under my boys ballet tights.

Such a nice story!! My parents diplomatically said no to me when I asked to take ballet. So I'm very envious of you.! I started ballet at 17, but no creditation was ever given to me. I enjoy your stories, please keep then coming!!

Great story.Like you I was sent to ballet classes by my mother when I was still a young boy.M older sister attended ballet lessons and the ballet teacher was keen to attract boys to her ballet school.I was only one of 2 boys out of over 200 girls in the ballet school. I had to wear a pair of my sister's black school tights to ballet class and in my first year curtseyed along with the girls at the end of each ballet class.It was little wonder I grew up sissy and effeminate. Jamie