I Started With Mom's Lingerie And Ended Up With Her Toys....

When I was 13 or 14 I used to sneak into my parents bedroom when they were away. It started with finding my mothers panties. This then progressed to wearing those panties and pantyhose along with a stuffed bra and sometimes a teddy. it made me soooo horny and i was always came reallly hard.

After a while I became more adventurous and eventually I found the treasure trove. Under the bed I found a canvas bag with 3 vibrators, suspenders, arousal cream, lube and ******. I was in heaven.... One of the vibes was a bullet but the other 2 were old fashioned hard plastic thick 8 inchers.

I remember lying on the ground in my moms suspenders and bra with perfume and lipstick on and ******* myself with her vibe. Over the following months I explored and enjoyed that bag to the max and Ive never looked back....

I wonder if she ever knew
Susie2000 Susie2000
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4 Responses Feb 13, 2012

Love the story and did about the same thing but it was my step mom.

Loved your story Sussie I loved my mothers and big sisters clothes never found her toys but making up for it now ;-) Lov Shanna xx

That is wonderful. Being a sissy is so much fun. I love to wear panties and lingerie and prance around in front of my mirror. Paint my nails and put lipstick on. Most of all the need to be with a man who will make me feel like the sissy I am. I love to lisp and moan like a girl!!!

I love your story. Sounds like you had a great time-as well. Any more stories? Just let me know. I always enjoy great reading!!!!