Soon And I Can't Wait!

I have purchased a make over from a "T" friendly salon, I will be going to a hotel the day before my appointment and will probably check in early so I can go clothes shopping that day. I have been growing my hair and am sooooo excited to have it done at a salon, I haven't made up my mind for certain but am considering having my hair colored as well as styled! The last thing I will do before bed is depilate so when I arrive at the salon for my facial, I'll already be smooth and soft for my "special day". I will start with a facial, then have my hair done and while I am waiting for it be be finished the girls will do my nails. Then I'll have my make up done, change into a cute outfit and have some photos taken. I just know that I 'm not going to want to get out of girl mode after all that So I will probably go out that night and stay another night or two at my hotel. Isn't " Girl time" just the best? I would love it if I just happened to find a boyfriend along the way! (wink)
Genivieve Genivieve
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You sound like you have thought of everything - enjoy and please tell us about your experience.

It all sounds so wonderful dear, I hope it goes just the way you've planned 😘
Nikki xxx

i'd love to do that.

Please update us on your experience. Was your new hairstyle something that was obviously girly so you had to remain femme?

I still haven't gone yet. I am waiting for cooler weather so I can shave my body before I go and also let my hair get a little longer too.

Yes, I live alone so I took a week afterwards and loved every minute! I y hairchickened out on having my hair colored though!!

Oh, honey, do it - it's so much fun to have a new look!

This is something I have always wanted to do. And doing it together with someone would be so exciting.

If you are ever in Las Vegas Look up a "T" friendly make over shop owned by Amy SHE IS WONDERFUL!!!!! Just a 1/2 off the ***** and makes you feel so at home with your inter soul!

I would love to share time like this with you girl.<br />
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