On My Own

I lived with an aunt growing up and while she knew that I wore panties and snuck into her makeup drawer, It was very hush hush and behind closed doors. I couldn't wait to go to college because I could then express myself as the sissy I knew I was. I was able to get an apt. And it wasn't long that I started acquiring all that I needed to become Sissy Monica. I felt free and alive when for the first time I was able to wear panties , bras, garters, high heels make up and have long hair. I knew that I was a T-gurl but still something was missing until my soph year when I met a sissy and after only a short time I felt the same way as her I was an ultra feminine prissy, swishy sissy. That was me and I knew and loved it . It makes me feel right in my soul.
monica7 monica7 51-55, T Jun 24, 2012

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