i love being a sissy boy so much ive always thought guys were hunks ive been dressing like a girl since age 9. i cant wait to get married and be a bride im gonna go all out and buy this princess dress and say i do to a total hotty
thongfaggot thongfaggot
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Sissy bois are very sexy and erotic. The idea of a male top having a gay bride to marry and take on a honeymoon of hot, gay sex is incredible...and makes me *** often.
I hope you find your gay husband and live happily ever every girl wants!

Excellent Excellent!!! I hope you give it up easily. Sissy's need to fall to there knees quickly in front of a man.

Oh, I love that you love this so. I too am a sissygurl and have these feelings to. Life is wonderful when we learn to accept who we are and just go with it!

nice thoughts