Sissy Boy Gives Public ***** Show

this story is real and i cant help but share it. i know its long but i wrote every sexy detail and encourage all of you to read it and give me your feedback. hope you all like ;)

this story begins about a year ago, i was 17 at the time and a bit confused. secretly i am a slutty sissy boy. i was always teased as a boy about being petite and "pretty." i stood only 5'6" and was a mere 130 lbs. i would shave myself regularly and keep my legs, butt, and ***** hole smooth and shaven like a good sissy boy.
one morning i woke up to find myself home alone. i had woken up hornier than usual and usually id just watch some **** and get on with the day. but not today, i had just shaved the previous night and was feeling sluttier than ever. i wanted to **** my *****. i own several ****** and would always **** myself in my room in privacy but something that morning was driving me to more extreme measures. i wanted to feel like a girl, get ****** like one, dress like one and be sluttier than ive ever been. i ran up to my sisters room and found a pair of black stiletto heels and a cute plaid mini skirt. i put them on and looked myself in the mirror, i looked so feminine and cute standing there in girls clothes i spent a few minutes bending over in front of the mirror exposing my pink boy ***** and seeing my cute dicklett hang down between my legs. i ran back down stairs and grabbed my favorite *****, the 13 inch black rambone ****. i had been training meticulously over the past month to fit it and had recently succeeded to taking every inch of it. mmm, just the sight of it got my ***** hole excited.
it was a sunny saturday morning, people were out jogging and walking their dogs. i live in a condo which backs right up to the main street. i have a sliding glass door that faces the street, and as i peeked out i saw neighbor after neighbor walking by. i had to....
i switched on my stereo system, blasting my favorite techno house mix and proceeded over to the glass door. standing there in nothing but heels and a mini skirt i stroked my ***** with lube and stuck it to the glass... i turned and bent over revealing my bare pink ***** from under the skirt. i backed up into the big black **** hanging there on the glass and aimed it at my tight hole. i felt the tip press against my ***** lips and relaxed as i let it slide in. bliss swept over me as i slid down the shaft, feeling my tight ring clench around the thick black ****. i let it slide up deep into my colon all 13 inches until i was fully impaled, my smooth cheeks pressing against the glass. i started sliding up and down on the shaft, holding my cheeks open for everyone walking by to see. the feeling felt so good and caused me to start moaning and grinding as if in a trance. i turned up the music until it droned out my moans as i continued to **** myself against the glass. i rode faster and faster not even hesitating when i heard car honk or woman squealing from outside. i kept grinding my hole down the that **** like a good sissy boy until precum was dripping from my little dicklett all over the floor. ..thats when it hit me, something that made my legs tremble in my heels as just the thought of it.
about a block away from my complex is a little known path that leads down to a secluded patch of concrete with a water vain leading down a hill, i used to use it as a smoking spot. the thing is it over looks the freeway in direct view of every single driver heading northbound. there isnt an offramp until the next city over so i was never worried about getting caught smoking there. guess what happens next.
i pulled my self off the ***** letting my sissy *** drip out of my sloppy freshly ****** hole. i yanked the ***** off the glass and without a hesitation walked out the door..... i casually walked down my block exposing every part of my smooth petite body except the thin ***** of flesh covered by the min skirt. my cheeks popped out from underneath as i walked down the sidewalk in my heels, my little dicklett visible from under the skirt swaying back and forth, my ***** in my hand. i felt like a ***** striding down the street as people starred from their car windows and honked their horns, making me feel sluttier and sluttier the more i heard, "sissy ******" and "gay boy" from the men and astonished looks from the women. i even got an "adorable sweetie" from one woman. luckly no one followed me to the path and i slipped away from view and emerged at the clearing....
i was speechless, the freeway was crowded, traffic, semi-trucks littered the lanes. i stood there in shock in my heels and skirt and looked out at all the cars, and for the first time felt a bit nervous. "im a **** and this is what good **** boys do," i said to myself, i was going to give those motorists and truck drivers something to think about ;)
i walked up to the very edge of the clearing and ripped off my skirt. i wanted to benaked for this ;) now, i was fully bare, my dicklett hanging between my shaven legs exposed, and ready to give a show ;) i bent down and stuck the rambone **** to the very edge of the clearing and squatted over it in my heels. before, i even started i could see people starring trying to get a better view of me. a couple truck horns rang out encouraging me to go on. i gazed out upon all the cars and slid the tip of the ***** into my sloppy loose boy *****. i easily slid all the way down until the **** was fully inserted into my hole. ecstasy came over me, my eyes rolled back, ...i was fully naked, my legs spread, with a footlong **** shoved all the way up my *** humiliating myself in front of hundreds of people. this is what my training was for, it was all coming down to this moment. here it goes...
i bounced up and down on that ****, up and down, up and down. sliding up until only the head was still inside and then slamming down until every inch was fully inside again. truck horns and car horns rang out as i rode my *****. cars slowed down and people yelled. in disgust or in enjoyment i didnt know. a few cars stopped and pulled over, i spotted a few taking out there phones to videotape. i didnt care, i was fixated on giving the sluttiest sissy **** riding show i could. i leaned back on my palms, rhythmically moving my body up and down the shaft of the ****, my dicklett bounced around being completely useless. every stroke of the ***** sent waves of ecstasy through my body making my toes clinch and point eracticlly in my heels. i was completely in the moment, moaning loudly and letting out squeals of pleasure like a **** as that big **** stretched out my **** hole. i rode faster and faster, moaning louder and louder, car horns filled my head as i kept riding. i felt my dicklett getting hard and my ***** lips started to pucker around the shaft of the *****. "**** me!" i yelled out. "uhhh, uhhh, uhhhh, oh yes! **** me like a ****! gape my hole, make me your sissy, uh uh uh!" the words flowed from my mouth as i dropped onto my back, lifitng my legs into the air, reaching around and grabbing the ***** by the base and violently thrusting it into me as hard as i could. "destroy my little *****, do it, make me a worthless loose ****!" my whole body spasmed erratically as rope after rope of sissy *** spew out of my dicklett , my boy ***** pulsated with pleasure as i yanked the ***** out of me sending squirts of ***** juice out of my swollen destroyed *******...
it was the best ****** ive ever had. i lay there for a moment and sat up still trembling. people were still aiming their phones at me and honking and you know what....i didnt care. i stood up, grabbed my *****, took a little bow and walked home, *** on my face, my ***** swollen and loose.
hope you enjoyed ;)
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3 Responses Aug 24, 2012

love public shows ive given a few myself

that sounds like a lot of fun ;)

Reading your story. OMG! That was hot. I have a 9inch *****, not 13. I could never give a public performance. Nice story.