I Didnt Complain!

It started with just lingerie, but then it progressed, my partner and mistress began asking then telling lme to wear more and more different things, first it was just frilly lacy underwear, then she progressed to little girl underwear and lace topped socks, now she has me wearing nappies and sissy dresses all day everyday

sis123 sis123
4 Responses Aug 25, 2009

I'd love to see you in your baby girl nappy, plastic panties and frilly girly clothes.

One must be careful in wishing for things to happen. Sounds like you are well down the road of being a full-time sissy baby.

Would like everything else but I just dont get the nappy / diaper thing. Love to be dressed in women's underwear and clothes and serve her every need..... well except the needs that only her REAL man b/f can satisfy.

You are very lucky