Look At Me Everyone - I Am Proud To Be My Wife's Sissy

Please call me tinkerbell, especially now that I am coming out and showing off my femininity to others! Yes! Last night was the first night my wife invited her best friend over and made me model my ultra feminine sissy dress. I love being her sissy girl now. Our love life is perfect because it is her way all the time for her pleasure. I am very submissive, oral, and giving sissy. I love to cuddle, caress, and kiss. My face belongs between her legs, front and back, tending to her "two lips" and her "rosebud". I am completely sissified now... I have a bikini tan and a smooth shaven body, except for my neatly trimmed bush. I wear panties and a bra every day and often change into a skirt or dress when I get home. My wonderful wife will lay out at outfit if she wants me to change. Friday nights are tinkerbell nights when I wear my sissy tinkerbell dress, all pink with lots of lace and ruffles. The wrist cuffs and collar of pink satin and white lace adorned with little bells really make it so wonderful. Pink lace bra, panties, stockings, and heels of course.  I get so hard and my excitement is obvious in my panties. I love being a sissy girl. We have been doing this for months now and just last night my wife's best friend Susan came over. There I was all dolled up as tinkerbell. She grinned at me and said hello tinkerbell, I have heard so much about you! and then just chuckled. I turned beet red and started to walk away but my wife was right behind me and made me give Susan a hug and a kiss.  I had to tell her all about what a sissy I am, how I have my own panty drawer, how I like having my **** sucked just like a lady, how all my ******* are from playing with my sissyclit, and how I love giving oral pleasure... how the scent and taste is so good and I just can't get enough. That's when my wife said "aren't you going to offer to make out between her legs tinkerbell" Susan just smiled at me and said 'Well?" as she started taking off her jeans. I could not believe this was happening. I had to go down on her, she was not trimmed at all and very fragrant. "Suck my hair pie sissy *****!" she snapped. I just did it, just like I would for my wife. I ate her out until she spasmed then she pushed me away.  My wife made me pull out Mr. Woody, my *****, and show how I like to practice getting ******, just like a lady. That was enough to get them both horney again and I had to show what a good butt licker I am too. They got off on a vibrator while I tongue loved their rosebuds.  I love being a submissive sissy lick doll!!

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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

You are one very lucky sissy, Tinkerbell.<br />
<br />
Does Susan need one of her own???