I'm A Very Sissy Girl

I always knew that for one, I'm supposed to be a girl, two that I'm a very girly girl. I remember when I was 4 years old and I put on balereena dress and I felt so girly as I danced and twirled around pretending I was a young girl in dancing class. As I grew I loved playing with barbie dolls and all the girly dress up games I would play. I would always try and sneak my mom's clothes and makeup when nobody was home. Finally when I got my first paycheck from a job when I was still a teenager. I went and got a pink tanktop and the cutest skirt and my first pair of bra and panties. I got all kinds of makeup and glitter and oh my god I knew from that experience that I felt more like a girl and knew even further in my heart that one day I will be a woman 100%.

If anyone can relate or feels the same or loves the color pink(Cause I know I do). Feel free to comment

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I know exactly how you feel lilly and I'm sure one day you will be the woman of your dreams.
Hugs julie

My brother felt as you did, and we began doing something about it. He was 10 I was twelve. I caught him prancing and swishing in a pair of my panties. It grew from there. I've met a number of pantibois since. I have a special fondness for them. I treat them as sisters. It's good to see so many males here who know they're girls! Love Noelle("sis" if you want to call me that)

You are Wonderful for Supporting Male Feminization. It is Women like you that will Create a Better World for all of us!!!Thank You for being you!!!

i love pink my wife bought me a pink hello kitty skirt i love it curtsey xoxoxo

Pink is one of my favorite colors as well, pink looks amazing if you have an outfit that is accented with lavender. It's like the colors were made to be together

I have felt the same way for most of my life.

I know how you feel, I am feel exactly the same way

Please help me I want to cross dress and be a girl please tell me how to

It's not difficult, get a dress, I remember the first time I put on a "woman's" wig I looked in the mirror and found that I actually looked like a girl, you might find the same. There are many websites out there that can help you

just the feel of them on your body changes your attitude and desires

what girlie girl does not love pink!! I too was 4 with my first dress. remember looking in the mirror and wishing I could be a girl for ever.....

I adore the color pink! I have a collection of pink stuff!. The first article of girl's clothing I wore was at four years old too and it was my Sister's (six years older than me) green ballet tutu! In high school, on days when I knew my brother would be out playing sports and my Mom wouldn't be home until 6 PM, I would cut school at noon lunch so I could have five hours at home to play dressup. I've always been a sissy and always liked it. Even today, I am more of a wussy sissy than ever, so much so that I even have to wear soft pads underneath my bra and slip straps so that the tough, brutal satin straps don't cut in to my weak, soft, hairless skin.

I grew up feeling the same wearing my sisters cloths and I just loved her panties

We're two of a kind, sweetie. I luv pink. And I luv being a sissy!!!!!

It would be nice to be a girl most of the time. love pink,

For myself, I just want to dress-up, and be a sissy

hii dear ... me too wanna be a girl ! nice to see ur story