How Celia Became The Permanent Sissy Slave Forever!!!!!, I Wish I Wish I Wish I Wish

Celia, this is how i want you to do what we talked about on th phone yesterday. I need a final unquestionable demonstation of your commitmant, dedication, servility, submissivness, and obedience.
First you will need to go to a beauty salon for a hair cut. I want you in a style that leaves your hair long for a pony tail, but with bangs in front. Have your legs, back, arms, chest, and face waxed, and your eye brows shaped. have a set of false fingernails made up with a bright hot pink color that matches your panties. Also, be sure you have lip stick in that same shade. Be sure your crotch is completely hair free as well. Plan on having all this done early Friday morning. Then return to your apartment. First proceed to clean yourself out completely with enama's. Keep clensing until the expelled water is completely clean. make sure you have eaten nothing since 9 p.m. the night before. Follow this by a liberal use of perfume. Then immediately start to dress as follows.
1. lock on your chastity device.
2. lock your sissy ***** chastity plug in place
3. clip on the nipple clamps that have the bare steel teeth
4. lace on your black leather corsett, tighten the laces till you have a measured 28 inch waist, and lock it in place.
5. put on black thigh high nylons and hook to the garters of the corsett.
6. put on the super bright hot pink bra with the matching panties.
7. Put in the silicon inserts that will fill out the bra to a full "D" cup. Lock on the chest harness that hooks to the corsett to insure the bra can not be removed.
8. Lock on your chain collar.
9. put on the camisole top that matches the bra and panties.
10. run the end of the chain link dog leashthru the leg of your panty, thru the chastity device, and out thru he other leg of the panty, lock the end with the small ring to the long end of the leash where it imerges from the panty.
11. Put on your tight black jeans. do not zip the fly. run the free end of the leash out of the fly.
12. put on the patten leather pumps with the 3 inch heels, that match the color of your panties. Lock them on your feet.
13. put on the black hooded zippered sweat shirt. Zip it up but only so far as to insure the top of your bra and all it's lace is visible.
14. pull your hair back in a pony tail.
15. Wear no makeup.
16. for now, put the end of the leash into a front pants pocket.
take the last of the small padlockes, open it, and put it in the other front pocket.
17. Put the following items in your shoulder bag. 2 tubes of lube, at least 20 unlubed condoms, an unopened pack of baby wipes, the hot pink lip stick, the perfume you call "sissy **** in heat", the riding crop, the paddle, the cattle prod, a tube of Ben Gay, the large and extra large butt plugs, all 3 dildoes, including the double ended one, the ball gag harness, the blind fold, the hand cuffs, knee pads,
18. Sign the slave contract you wrote and put it into the plastic envelope you have. Print out the attachemnts labeled rules, the ads, and the stop. Put all these into the envelope also insuring the one with the stop sign is such that the stop sign is visible on top.
19. put the two master keys to all your padlocks on one key ring along with both the hand cuff keys. put this key ring in the plastic envelope so that it is visible below the stop sign logo.
20. Put the envelope into the shoulder bag along with a couple of thumb tacks also.
21. put your wallet in the shoulder bag.
Leave your apartment but do not lock the door. Catch a cab and go to "The Cuff" on Pine street, up on Capital Hill in Down town Seattle. There is an alley behind The Cuff. Enter it, and go down till you find the back door to the Cuff. Across the alley from the back door on the wall is a pipe that runs along the wall for about a foot, about a foot off the ground. Just down from the pipe about 5 feet is a boarded up doorway, with a lite above it. Thumb tack the plastic envelope to this door about 4 feet up from the ground in such a way that the stop sign on the papers inside is readily visible. Return to the pipe just mentioned. Put on your knee pads. kneel down by the pipe. Take the end of the leash out of your pocket, wrap the end around the pipe. Take the last padlock out of your pocket and lock the leash to the pipe. Take the hand cuffs out of your purse. Run them under the verticle chain locking your bra to your corsett so that one cuff is on ech side of the chain. Thread each cuff thru the hole in the inside part of each pocket of your sweat shirt. Lock one cuff to your left wrist, trapping that wrist and hand in your sweatshirt pocket. Then make sure that your fly is completely unzipped and your hot pink panties completly visible there, and that your sweatshirt is unzipped down to show off your hot pink bra and all the lace of your camisole is visible. Next, and i know this will bedifficult for you in this situation, take out the blind fold and put it on. Finally lock the other cuff to your right wrist.
As you will find out, the leash is not long enough to allow you to stand up. And the keys are completely out of your reach. I will be along sometime Friday night. I am sure you will have plenty of company during the evening untill i do get there. If you feel the need for whatever important enough reason to be temporarily released, you may ask whoever is passing by to get the keys for you. I would ask very very politely as they will see the stop sign and attendent messages when and if you can talk them into getting the keys for you.
you are to obey any command given you by anyone untill i arrive. you will do so cheerfully, eagerly and instantly. you will not hesitate, you will not speak unless given permission to do so. you will cooperate fully and completely with whatever anyone that comes along wants to do with you. you will inquire of anyone that you orally service if they are satisfied with your performance. if they say anything but that they are completely satisfied, you will beg them to lower your pants and beat you with the paddle or rideing crop till they are satisfied. you will go with anyone anywhere they want to take you.
now, none of any of the above do you have to do. no one is twisting your arm. No one is forcing or coercing you to do anything what so ever. if you do not follow the above instructions friday and i do not find you locked to the pipe in the alley behind The Cuff, nothing will happen. nothing at all. you will never hear from me again. You are the one that posted the ad stating that you were seeking:

If you can answer yes to the following 4 questions enthusiastically, and with joyful anticipation, then we need to talk, seriously. If you can answer yes to most of them and have one or two points you would like to discuss, please drop me a line. if you want to cyber, play games, or want me to change the general goals these questions outline, please, let's not waste each others time. If you drop me a line, i will write back immediately. Thank you for taking the time to read all this. your potential slave, sissy celia **** slave
1. Will you insure by any means necessary, that once you lock your collar around my neck, taking full and total possession of me as your personal property and slave, that under no circumstances will i ever be permitted my freedom for the rest of my life. That no matter what story i tell you, how long or loud i plead or beg, no matter what my future attitude you will never allow me my freedom again. That if the time comes when you no longer desire to own me as your slave that you will make your best effort to place me with another owner.
2. That you will acknowledge that i am not and never will again be considered a man or a member of the male gender. That i will never be permitted to view myself or refer to myself as male. That i will never be permitted to present myself to anyone as a male. That i will, for the rest of my life, be absolutely required to maintain as complete a feminine identity, appearance, behavior, demeanor, and attitude as possible without surgery. And that if it be your wish that i undergo sexual reassignment surgery, that you proceed to have such done to me with absolutely no input or comment from me.
3. That once i become your slave, i will never again, for the rest of my life be permitted to have a normal male ****** with an erection and with an ***********. That you will take what ever measures necessary to insure that such an occurrence can never happen again. That you will endeavor to train and condition me to become sexually stimulated and ultimately sexually satisfied solely by being used by you or those you assign me to for your or their sexual enjoyment and satisfaction. And to be trained and conditioned to express my sexual ******* solely in an internal feminine manner with absolutely no penal erection or ***********, and triggered by penetration in the feminine manner.
4. That once i become your slave, you will expect and demand absolute perfection in all my affairs, my appearance, my behavior, my performance of my duties, my attitudes and demeanor. That you will push me to the absolute limits of all my talents, abilities, and capabilities, expecting, and demanding absolute perfection at all times, with no excuse for falling short of such perfection accepted, and all short comings punished quickly, and severely in such a manner as to motivate me to do my utmost to insure such short comings will never be repeated. That you will utilize me as fully as possible in all manner of ways to insure that my service to you makes your life as pleasurable, stress-free, care free, and trouble free as possible.

Celia, you wrote that ad, no one else did. You initiated all of this. If you really wish the life you describe in that ad. be behind the Cuff as indicated. it is that simple. I answered yes, enthusiasticlly YES to your 4 questions. Is this truly what you want? be there, and your life as you know it now, will change irrrevocably, forever. Once you lock that leash to that pipe, there is no going back. EVER!. The life as you descibe in those 4 questions, is yours.

Holy ****!!!! I read and reread that email over and over. I could not believe it. After all this time, after all the false starts, the broken promises, THIS was the real thing. So what now.
Well the first thing i HAD to do, was make an appointment for Friday morning at the beauty salon Master Rick had told me about. God, please let there be an available appointment. i got out my notes, found the name and phone number, sat down at the desk, took a deep breath and dialed.
" Bevererly's" a deep contralto voice answered.
" My name is David, and i was told to ask for Miss Beverly to make an appointment." i said in a rush
"Ah yes, I was hoping you would call. We are holding an appointment open for you Friday morning. We open at 8 to the public, you need to be here at 6 to get you started."
" Yes Maam, 6 o:clock. I'll be there."
" Wonderful, I am soooo looking forward to meeting you celia. Rick has told me all about you."
oh my i thought. and gulped. " yes Maam, he did mention you fondly also."
" I bet he did. Well sweety, I'll see you Friday morning bright and early. Be sure you are squeeky clean when you come, and oh, i know this will embarrass you sweety, but, be sure you wear your chastity cage."
" Yes Maam, i will."
" bye for now then"
I hung up the phone and realized i was shaking all over. This was real!!! not some fantasy to beat off to. Real. The proof at that moment was i wasn't even hard. Any other time i would already have creamed in my panties. God, this must be real. O.K. then, what next. I made a list of what i would need based on the instructions and started to gather them together.
Just as i was laying down and going to try to get some sleep, not that there was any hope i would actually drift off, the phone rang. When i answered it i was greeted with a sound of a voice that sounded truly wonderful. "Celia" " Judy, what a wonderful surprise!!!! I am SOOOO glad you called. I have some interesting news"
" I know you do sweety, that's why i called.". I was puzzled. How did she know my news? I was going to call her in the morning after getting thru at the beauty salon. " What do you mean Judy, you know?"
"Well, you remember that favor you asked about just after we met? Well, all this time we have been talking till 3 am and crying on each others shoulders and swapping pictures and stories and such? You remember when we got to gether and we took all those photos of you as a sissy, at that gay bar, playing host to those 3 guys we meet, and all the sweaty steamy picures of you identifiably you, undeniably you, a you that it was extremely obvious was really enjoying yourself. Remember how you asked if i could post some of them, and you had to get that signed release to me, so that i could? That release allowed me to do anything i wanted to with all those pics as well as all the other material of yours i had. Would you say i now know everything about you that is possible to know. I know what you want, what you don't want, what you need, what you absolutely have to have, what scares you silly. You remember that when i got that release, you had to give me access to all your email accounts? including your peronal one and the one at your work? Celia, i have all your family, friends, coworkers, bosses, past friends and all. All the names, addresses, email addresses, all the phone numbers. everything. Celia, you know i love you like my own sister, and you know when we initially talked i told you i would do all i could to help you. Well baby doll, i have been following your talks back and forth with that guy and his sissy friend brianna up in Vancouver, and master Mike with great interest. Once you got that message from master Mike asking all those questions and him saying that you were already accepted and couldn't make wrong answers, i got on the phone and called them.
The cab pulled up across the street from The Cuff. I had just enough money left to pay the cabbie with a bit of a tip. i grabbed the shoulder bag and gingerly stepped out of the cab. The plug had been in long enough to start to make it's presence really felt when i moved around and bent at the waist. i stood up and looked around and immediately spotted the alley. Taking a deep breath i walked over to it and again taking a deep breath started down it. About 50 feet in i saw the back door to the Cuff, and immediately across from it, the pipe mentioned in the instructions. I looked around and saw that the pipe was in deep shadow, but the boarded up doorway was lit fairly well. I saw nobody, and could see that no one walking by the mouth of the alley could see the area around the pipe at all. I walked up to the pipe and hung the shoulder bag from a nearby rail. Taking out the plastic envelope and the thumb tacks, i went to the boarded up wall and tacked the envelope up so that the keys and the "stop sign" logo was visible as instructed. Going back, i got out the knee pads and slipped them on. I saw that after awhile i would be extremely grateful for them by the looks of the ground i would be kneeling on. Taking out the hand cuffs i threaded them as i was told to. Up to this point i had actively NOT thought about what was happening or what i was doing. Even that whole bit at the salon this morning i just thought about what my everyday life routine had been and tried with everything i had to pretend that today and the events of today, were just anouther everyday day. If i didn't do that i would be scared absolutely shitless. Now, i had to think about it, so, before i did too much thinking, and before that panic i could feel building in the pit of my stomache could take hold and drive me away from this screaming, i dug the leash out of one pocket, the padlock out of the other, dropped to my knees, wrapped the leash end around the pipe and snapped shut the padlock. Well, that solved one problem i have always had at this point. I couldn't run away, not now. I had thought about hiding a spare key somewhere,on me, but realized that woouldn't work. There were only 2 pad lock keys and 2 handcuff keys and they both had to be in that envelope. Then i thought, as always, that i would get rightto the point of locking the pad lock, and stop, and run away. Well, i just outfoxed THAT plan. I was now committed. Wow, this felt really wierd.
i moved around and found i could just get to my hands and knees. Well, time i thought. Its time. i knelt again, with knees spread wideand made sure my fly was completely unzipped showing the bright pink of my panties. i had to unzip my sweatshirt alomost to my navel to make sure the lace of my bra and camisole was completely visible. I pulled down the blind fold and made sure it was firmly in place. It had the kind of strap that unless you phisiclly got hold of the strap and moved it by hand you could not dislodge it no matter how much you tried to shake or rub your head on something. i locked my left wrist into it's cuff and then wiggleing and stretching i got the right wrist locked in its cuff. Then i took a deep breath, settled back on my knees and thought. "I'm finally committed, no way out, no way back." This is what i had thought about, planned for for so long, and chickened out of so many times. Damn, now i really could feel the panic growing and there really was not one single thing i could do about it now. I could even feel my clitty starting to stir. It would not get far in the chastity lock i was in, but it was stirring. Lord what was going to happen now. It was just after dark on a Friday night. I really started to wonder just who might come wandering by. This really was a strange neighborhood. No telling who or what would come by tonight. Which was probably exactly why Master had me do this here instead of someplace else.
Nothing much happened for awhile. I could tell it had gotten full dark. I could hear one or two sets of footsteps go by, pause in front of me and continue. Each time that happened my stomache did flip flops. Then all of a sudden, i needed to pee real bad and realized i could not do that with out help, unless i pee'd my pants. The next set of steps i heard go by, i asked out line. "Please, may i ask a favor?" My voice came out in a high falsetto purely by accedent but it sure sounded like a real sissy ******. The feet stopped and i heard a deep voice "what favor?" " Sir, i have been instructed to secure myself here this way by my Master. He said if i needed to be released for what ever reason to ask someone to hand me the keys in the packet on the wall across from me. Sir, i really need to go pee Sir, may i please ask you to hand me the keys in the packet?" I didn't hear anything much for a minute, then heard paper rustler and keys jingle. but nothing else. He must be reading about what i was doing there and why. I wonder how he will react.
I heard a step in front of me and then" so you are a **** sucking sissy ****** **** slave are you?" " yes Sir, i hope to be soon" " Well, get started ****" I felt a hardness jut into my lips and automaticlly opened my mouth " Do this right **** and i'll let you go pee. How is that for a deal?" I hoped i could satisfy him. I needed to pee so bad, i opend my lips and he thrust in. Then he grabbed me by the back of the head and forced himself all the way in and started to slide down my throat. I of course started to gag as usual when i tried to deep throat someone. "you throw up ***** i will beat the **** out of you " and jammed himself back in and down. How i managed to keep from throwing up i don't know. He humped faster and then i felt him shoot his load. it leaked out the sides of my mouth some but i managed to trap most of it. I felt him pull back as he chuclkled deep in his throat, and heard a zipper being closed then foot steps walking off. I kept expecting the steps to stop then head back, but the never did. And i still had to pee!!!!!. Then steps from the other direction. "Please" i said in a desperate high voice, "May i beg a favor from you?" Again i explained why i was there and asked for the keys.
" And what will you do for us then? " steps approached and i felt a hand taking off the blind fold. There before me were 3 guys. all black, all big, and all grinning and rubbing thier crotch. "Sir, if you will get me the keys and allow me to pee, i will do anything you want" I knew i had to say it that way as Master had warned me that i had to. One of them went and got the packet and dug the keys out. One of the others started to read the package inclosed. the one reading passed the sheets to another, took the keys and approached. Bending down, he unlocked the leash from the pipe. "stand up ******" I stood up on shakey knees. He then proceeded to un snap my pants and slide them down my legs, then my panties. He grabbed me by the arm and said " Step out of them britches now ****." i stepped out of them and he led me down the alley a few steps and said " squat down and pee like a good little sissy now. and be quick about it" I did as told, and he led me back to the other two who had now finished reading. "Well now, what can a worthless little snow white sissy ****** like you gonna do for us?" he walked over to my bag and took out the riding crop. "on your knees cuntright here in front of me. ". "Sir, may i please put my clothes back on?" he jecrked on the leash making me fall to my knees right in front of him. " I don't believe i gave you permission to talk. Do not do that again". He waved one of the guys over and positioned me right in front of his crotch.
this guy unzipped and out popped a hugh black erection. " get to it *****" the guy says, grabs my hair and pulls me onto him. " Treat him nice now ****" the first guy says. he walks behind me and swings his arm down SWACK!!! " damn *****, watch them teeth" " yea *****, he better not feel those teeth again or you simply aint going to have much skin left on this smooth white ***" SWACK!!! god he can swing that crop. what was worse , every cut of the crop made me squeeze down on that plug locked inside me. And that hurt as bad as the cuts from the riding crop.

Any one want to hear more? anyone got suggestions on how this story should go? How about anyone that would want to see me live the story out for real??? write me at
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Damn girl! You should wright a book! Nice!