**** Slave Lost Princess


Today is the worst ever lost princess thinks of I'm a cinderella in doors but outside I'm just a only a **** slave I have to obey everyone what my evil step mother want me do yes shes my evil mistress & I'm outside but naked with a dog collar & with a leash why me have be a **** lot of guys **** me because they think I'm sex slave I have to do what I told if not my mistress have to be punish me I don't do it I have to be a **** slave for her I have no clothes on my boobs size is 38 c I'm only a white girl with dark brown hair with blue eyes with purple glasses I'm very skinny in deed my mistress wants me **** everybody **** so I did my mistress tied me up into the tree lot of men **** my ***** & *** they put lot of toys in my body my boobs tied with rope I have no underwear on my mistress put me in cage & put chains on my boobs when everybody pulls on it it hurts like he'll I'm crying & begging to stop my mistress say no **** slave I say yes mistress she leave me in cage hole day with my naked body tied up that's why I hate doing it as a **** slave .
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May 15, 2012