Being A Slave To My Mistress Wife Seems To Be A Magnetizing Prospect

When I gave my wife to a total stranger, Sir, to train her on line by email as a female pet, I thought it would be the solution to our non existent sex life. I was absolutely right. Our sex life became more than existent. I also thought that Sir would train my wife only and that I would enjoy her training. In this I was absolutely wrong. Sir though thought that I also need training. I also thought that I would be my pet's Master.

Sir also thought that I would be my pet's Master. During our training though I became very submissive to Sir. More submissive than my wife. Sir saw it and started pushing me more. He spanked me through my wife. My spankings made me even more submissive to Sir. When he finally collared me he told me that I was an owned pet as my wife was.

Now I am Sir's submissive pet and my wife is Sir's beautiful pet. Sir has collared both of us. Sir owns and trains both of us. There is though a big difference from what both Sir and I thought back then. Now I am not being trained to be my pet's Master. Now my wife is being trained to be her pet's Mistress. Now I am being trained to be my Mistress's pet. I call my wife "Mistress". I obey and follow five rules. One rule is Sir's and the other four are my Mistress's. I obey my Mistress who now is training me under Sir's instructions. I am being spanked by Sir and by my Mistress. I am not allowed to ****** without my Mistress's permission. I am not allowed to touch sexually my Mistress without her permission. I even have a kneeling position to take when ordered. On my knees, sitting back on my feet, with my hands behind my back. Most of the times in my kneeling position I am naked and collared and I have nipple clamps hanging from my nipples. I wear Sir's collar every night and I sleep with it. I have to wear my nipple chain every evening at home and whenever my Mistress orders me in public.

Now I am Sir's submissive collared and owned pet. I am also very submissive to my Mistress. I had never imagine that I was so submissive. My Mistress believes that I always was submissive and that I hid it. I don't know if I always was so submissive. I do know that now I like being submissive to Sir and to my Mistress. I like being owned, collared, punished, spanked, ordered, dominated, even humiliated. I just don't know why I like being submissive. Maybe because it is something very new for me. Maybe because I am a natural submissive as my Mistress said. Maybe because ... Actually it doesn't matter the reason of my increasing submissiveness. Actually what it really matters is that I like being submissive either it is temporary or permanent.. The prospect that one day my Mistress will collar me and she will own me seems to magnetize me right now.

Sir is sure now that I will be my Mistress's pet in the end of our training. I have no reason to disagree with Sir right now. I am collared and owned by Sir now. I like being submissive to Sir. I also love being submissive to my Mistress. I love it when she gets strict and orders me. I am not yet my Mistress's pet or slave. I am being trained to be my Mistress's pet or slave.The prospect that my Mistress will place her collar around my neck one day seems to be very magnetizing right now. Right now I think I will love being collared and owned by my Mistress.
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enjoy and please share your times with Sir