I Love Being A Woman...I Never Let Anyone Tell Me Any Different.

There's just some things I don't understand about society, I'm talking about the one here in America and the one in Haiti(I'm Haitian). This happens more in Haiti, where they say, "girls can't do this, girls can't do that" because, you're considered easy if you ask a guy out or if the one at his house a lot instead of vice versa. I don't believe being a woman is hard, I believe that the society you live in makes it harder. Because, of all the restrictions put upon you for simply being born the way you are. I don't want to be a guy, I'm not bashing on guys, I respect guys a lot and, I know it comes with difficulties as well. But, for me, I love being a woman. Periods? No problem, I pop a Midol or something and, the pain goes away after a few hours before the cramps become intense. Child birth? I find myself wanting to be pregnant and getting the chance to experience child birth, even if I go through a lot of pain. Wearing makeup? It's not mandatory, it's a choice...that shouldn't even be complained about.

People think it's easier to be a guy, I'm not a guy but, I grew up with guys and, most of my friends are guys. And, their not exempt from life being difficult towards them either. Some people say, "Well, women have to give birth in order to produce offspring of their own." Others don't think that while you're sacrificing your body for the child, he's sacrificing his time and energy for you and the baby. Women have to endure morning sickness, not being able to do even basic things due to their large stomach. And, men have to do more things around the house, after coming home from work, deal with a kid(If this isn't your first pregnancy), make sure you're doing okay and, provide everything you and the baby need. Neither of those jobs are easy. I mean, if it was, you'd think there would be as many single pregnant women as there are now?

Sorry, I'm just venting but, I really do enjoy being a women and, ignoring about the of expectations from society has made it that much easier as well. I love having boobs, a high-pitch feminine voice(not squeaky just feminine), the curves that come with being a women, how my legs look in heels...just everything. I never wanted to change my gender because, I thought it would be easier. Because, in my experience, I've found it very easy being a woman...not much hard about it.
angey1227 angey1227
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012