No Doubts...

I couldn't imagine being a man...I am a mother, friend and lover.

I love to get dress or be undressed, I try to look at myself as a work of art who should be happy of being appreciated. I am fortunate of being a woman.

All the women should love themselves, the world would be certainly prettier. It would be the most beautiful garden...


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12 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Thanks for being just you. Thanks for being my friend. You are a lovely person.

You have lots of admires TP.. ;)

the upside down works for me too ;-*<br />
<br />
thanks for being you princess

Amen<br />
<br />
i never understood women who don't celebrate being feminine<br />
<br />
Princess, I love your avatar today.<br />
<br />
is it safe to come uout now? :-) no teeth

and a very lovely princess that you are.

Tendereyes, you are truely a special person and a beautiful woman. I tried to imagine a world where there were no women and we would have to have asexual reproduction because there is no way I am going to have sex with any of these ugly hairy men.

You are a work of art, dear Lady.<br />
<br />
You give many a role to emulate.

Anyone who's seen your pictures and read your poetry knows you truly are a thing of beauty.

You are one of a kind, truly special. Smiles!

I do agree with u tenderprinces , you are a very beautiful woman

I love being a woman also Tendereyes .... we are the givers of life and love... :-)

You are such a lady ... thank God for you.