I never really thought about, given that it is all I know. I will tell you this right now, I certainly would not want to be a guy, but then again, it goes both ways, most guys would say they do not want to be a chick. Haha, ahhh, biology.

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11 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Ok, no more sappiness, let's comment on some shiznit.

awww *blushes* you too crazy chick lol

Nah, you know you rock, even if you were an alien, you still cool to me :)

I thought I was coming to visit you when I became a man :( geez rejected in both sexes, can't win around here *storms out*

LMAO, no way, not me. Let me know how your trip to manhood is C.

well, that way i don't have to decide for either or!

I like being a woman, I just want to be a dillhole for a couple of weeks lol

Why would you want to?

Well why can't you be both?

You can still sit, I think.

I don't know, I wouldn't mind being a guy for a couple of weeks... of course I would feel awkward everytime I had to pee