Sex - It Might Be My Favorite Subject

I love talking about sex.

I love asking questions about it. I love being asked questions. I love sharing experiences. I love thinking about it, and talking about it. I love it broadly, and in the most intimate detail. I love that the subject of sex makes me run the entire gamut of emotions. I love that it sometimes makes me want to abandon the conversation, go lie down, and pleasure myself. I love that it sometimes makes me want to crawl into my computer, emerge from yours, and rip your clothes off. I love just about everything about it.

I love talking about sex.
KellieVocabulary KellieVocabulary
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Well let's give it a try

Our brains are the largest sexual organ in the body. I think too often people forget that and just want to get into the physical part, but it is so much better when we get our brains involved.

I think reading/writing about sex is one of my favorite pastimes. It turns me on so much more than any visual, and is the closest thing to actually being with someone.

sounds yumi i am jighly sexual n sensual lets talk n connect plz

That's it exactly! Very well stated, Kellie! Sharing is the ultimate.

I didn't know when I came here what being in the EP community would be for me, but I find it a literary, emotional, sexual and yes sometimes even a perverted outlet for me. I love it and I love finding people who like to talk about it as much as I do.

Sounds good xxx


If you ever figure out how to truly crawl through your computer and emerge from someone else's you have GOT to let me know! I have found myself wanting to do that on more than one occasion....especially this morning!

I do every time we talk ... but then, you know that, don't you? :D

Well, I didn't know you wanted to crawl through MY screen, but I do now! I just had the craziest visual of you coming through my screen all hot and horny. LOL