Love It! Jack Your **** - Rub Your ***** - Cumm All Over Yourself And Let Me Know

Love to hear of stories or emails that people have cummed from looking at my pics... I do it all the time to other's pics and email them or send picture tributes... let me know if you've enjoyed my pics or have any pic requests!!
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You have beautiful material in there. I think I will *** many times imagining myself sucking that magnificent ****. Thank you for adding me.

Thanks for the offer bu pics dont interest me, you see, I'd really rather get to know the non sexual side of you. I have no genitals, and so therefore I am for all purposes asexual. A man who hated me cut my vulva into shreds with a broke bottle.

I do not know where to begin but with an apology. I saw what you wrote and am deeply sadden to hear what has happened. I just do not understand, how some men or women for that matter - can do that to another human being.

I am sorry if I offended you, and I mean that sincerely. As I'm sure you've been told a million times over; but will do so myself; you have such a beautiful face, and a look about you that as if you've seen some many interesting, and yet trying times. Very beautiful... My apologies Miss.

Hey now, you didn't hear the good news! The good news is, the damage is correctable. This attack on me happene happened last December and I'm going to have surgery to fix the damage in three weeks, just a little while before my birthday. See,the bottle only cut deep and not wide and so a surgeon, a man from Germany, is going to fix me up so I'll be as good as new, if not better becau he says I'll have less painful PMS after the operation. Oh, and the attacker is dead, I bit him in the balls and my braces cut his nutsack off. He died of bloos loss.

Can you send me a message, I'd really like to chat with you a bit more (non-sexual stuff ok ;) ) THAT is GOOD news x2 if not more! WOW... just simply WOW! I'm happy to hear that it's correctable and I'm sure you are looking forward to it - as for the attacker - eye for an eye I suppose damn one hell of a way to die but am glad he did! Beasts like that have no room walking the Earth of Man (and woman). It's funny, there's TV show's on, and one is called something like 100 ways to die - and I know there are many gruesome ways... but I would have to say that would be number one on my list. Well, am glad he's not around to cause any more trouble and, that you can have corrective surgery

oh damn, i got your message, typed a long reply but got the "You cannot do that. Code 580." argh

What? How come you can't message me?

I think it's because i'm not your 'friend' and you have it set so peeps that aren't, can't :(

Hmm...gimme one moment.

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Gonna make sure I see and request some