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I thrive in solitude

I must naturally have a lower need for human contact than others, because I can quite happily spend my day by myself doing whatever I want. Sometimes just the thought of having to spend time with other people makes me mentally exhausted, and I need time to prepare myself first. I do have a great boyfriend who I see and spend time with every day - he is one of the few people in my life who I can spend time with and feel at ease. I'm satisfied with short and friendly conversations with strangers, catching up with my work colleagues and spending time with a few close friends and family now and then, but I'll always love being alone. I can think more when I'm by myself, and be grateful simply to exist. I can read and cook and write when I'm alone. I love shopping alone and find it a much more peaceful experience. Sometimes though I do worry that it can interfere with my job, and that it'll hold me back, but at the end of the day we each have our qualities and strengths, and we're all different for a reason.
crystalclear85 crystalclear85 26-30, F 10 Responses Jul 15, 2010

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Beautiful stuff, loved reading these posts, I find myself in everyone I read, It would be like death if I could not be on my own, been like this for as long as I can remember, I have had my ups and downs though as to how others perceive it saying I must be depressed or have some kind of social phobia, I did a counselling course and my tutor described me in a positive way as not run of the mill but I felt for the first time other than my lovely hubby that I was accepted for how I am, I still keep in contact with the tutor,I enjoy spending my time growing my own veg and I have two dogs and a load of hens and ducks, I'm always at my total happiness and at peace when I'm out in nature, I love to make and create stuff, embrace your lovely peaceful solitary selves, be happy and don't allow other's to make you feel like something's wrong there is only something wrong if your not happy :)

Excellent, I am 27yrs, a busy professional, and being in the solitude of my home is just paradise .

I'm in agreement with most. While I miss having a significant other my time in my own condo is important to me. I can do whatever projects I want, spend time with my pet. etc.

I am like you, I am twice your does not go away!

You might consider checking out HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and doing the test. It is typical of HSP's to need to spend large quantities of time alone. And they do not suffer for it.

I'm glad to see all of these posts. I was starting to feel like I was the only one who felt this way. I work full time, belong to several nice activity groups and I love my family. But I crave being alone so much that I was worried that I was suffereing from depression. I'm not sad and I'm never lonely. I simply would rather be climbing a mountain, listening to the river and birds, and hearing a few soft conversations from my fellow hikers.<br />
I have out of town people who want to come stay at my house and I can't stand the thought of it. I just want to be alone - I also thrive in silence and solitude. I don't go out at night and I do only what I want to do. I do wish people were more understanding of it.

Trust me you are not alone...someone once told me that I would have no problem living on a deserted island...I would thrive and I'm sure you would do the same.

I understand completely. The only person I can tolerate on a daily basis in my boyfriend. I really found a treasure. There aren't many people who understand always wanting to be alone. People always thought me odd and different. I agree and I love it, but they think of it in a negative way. I have a deep mind. When people are around me my thoughts get interfered. I thrive in silence.

I think it's very impressive. I have a friend who's very much like that as well. He'll just go out into the woods for 4 days before he comes back, and I'm pretty sure he's just trying to get away from people in general. But the natural world is so wonderful. I think i'm somewhere in between, but I'm still trying to figure it out. I'm naturally very social, and my job forces be to build relations all the time. I also have a gf I love to see everyday, and an entire social network that prevents me from being alone any night. But I'm such a nature freak, I love rock climbing and enjoying a view by myself... or going kiaking down a river and challenging myself, but without anyone else or else i'll feel to responsible... and when i go in the ocean i swim out as far as possible where i'm out of human reach... only the fish, birds, and boats sometimes where i am, and i'll stare at the sky for a while until i decide to dive down and stay in thedeep world of the silence. In fact, as social as I can be, I feel completely detached from my relationships with people. I feel like there's something I don't really get, and I can really do a lot more things on my own, but for some reason I think this notion scares me a little. Hmm, def something to learn about myself. Anyway, i find both of your attitudes very fascinating, and very capable. I think you would LOVE a life on the orchard with bees and chickens... you'd create your own little world.

I'm very much like this too. I enjoy people, but my home/house is my haven, and I look forward to just going home and having some solitude. I go to my part-time job (I teach private music lessons to kids), and I do a little volunteer work and enjoy the friends I've made there, but I hardly ever invite anyone to my house. I like it to be just for me. Sometimes I spend 2 to 4 days in a row alone and it's wonderful. I think I get stressed more easily than most and that's why I need more alone time.

Oh , I also daydream about moving to a really remote part of the world, where there are hardly any people, and the place is beautiful and untainted, and just live a really simple life. I'd grow vegetables and have an orchard and keep chickens and bees. I'd paint and sew and make my own clothes. How great would that be? Maybe I'll give it a go sometime.

me too!

Yes! I daydream about this often...