There Is Nothing Wrong With It...

I used to hate being alone. I used to define myself, my value as a person, by whether or not I had a significant other in my life, but as I've gotten older I've learned to appreciate the single life and I've learned that I've always sort of been more attracted to a single lifestyle than one in which I share it with another person. When I was 26 I finally became happy just being alone. Although I dislike and distance myself from my family as much as I can and have had some guilt issues because of it, I realize that I've also never been happier. I love the fact that they are over 1,300 miles away and that I will never have to worry about them "just dropping by" unexpectedly. I was married for 6 years, but was with my wife for a total of 10 years, and upon seperating again came to appreciate what had been missing from my life for those 10 years that we were together: Freedom to come and go as I please, freedom to do with my money as I see fit, freedom from worries about my partner running up the credit card bills, freedom from having to attend events that I'm not interested in attending because "we should", and the freedom to do what I want when I want without worry that someone else will complain about it. When Christmas and my birthday come around, I get my own presents; I haven't been disappointed with what I've gotten for myself yet! I went camping last summer up in the Ozarks, no communication with the outside world in any way for 10 days, and it totally rocked. When I wasn't relaxing by a campfire in the evenings I was either hiking or inside of my tent reading, and there were not any complaints! Once I graduate from the doctoral program with my Ph.D. in psych and I get a job, my first vacation is going to be a week in the Cascades, and I know it's going to rock because I won't have to worry about making sure that there is something for everyone when I go, because "everyone" is just me. Hell, just planning it is going to kick *** for that very reason alone! Being alone rocks, and while I am not above dating and remarrying again, it certainly is not a goal in life that I will be pursuing with every ounce of my being; letting go of freedom like this is going to be hard to do.
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Totally! A lot of people don't understand this...