I Feel Loved When Im Completely By Myself Alone

I've been paying attention for the pass couple days and I find it funny that some people feel sad and depressed by hardly having friends or even family. When I was a little younger like 14,15,16,17 years I use crave having lots of friends. And I made sure I got friends and close ones too! Friends that I shared my secrets with. But these people betrayed me! I would give up my life for these people and they betrayed me. I was always there when they needed me I never asked for anything in return. But they betrayed. Then I got older and I fell in love, yay I had found someone who I was going to spend forever with I almost give everything up for this person but I was betrayed in the most unimaginable way. Today I don't have friends and my family I don't think they like me. I came to the USA two years ago and I feel like I don't belong here. I feel like I don't even belong in this world. But I love being alone. I don't want anybody to love me. I rather be alone than to be hurt and used. I like being alone.
For those out there who have never loved I hope you do find love.
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It seems to b my story. In my view, we r our best frnds and if u remain with urself, u dont need any other company. A person is alone if he leaves his own company. So I think b with urself and u will never b alone

you are right. I like that.

Thanks for ur precious time given to my petty comment. Wish u evry happiness and joy in ur life!

Wow! I have felt that too. Now I have very few friends, but every last one of them is a diamond. I ave had friends that betrayed me and I just cut them loose. I know I am a reasonably ( I try hard) good person and I value my friends highly. However, I enjoy my own company too. Love? Well I hope you will be lucky enough to have love in your life.. with all my heart. :)

Thanks and I didn't mention up there through out the years I got one friend that stood by me no matter what. That friend i'll keep for sure. Even though live back home on Guyana we chat everyday about everything. I would die for him.

He is worth all the others and more. I am glad you have each other.

i am single and alone,,and enjoy it at times,,it's a safe place to be,,and can't get hurt if you let no one in your world,,,but,,to love and lost is better to have not loved at all,,as you mature the hurt passes with time,, only to love again untill the next hurt,,it gets easyer untill you find that one true love that will never hurt you and be with you untill the end,