Some Time To Think

Yesterday i had the rare opurtunity of being able to sit around and do nothing. i haven't in soo long because i'm normally busy with some stupid project or something so for the first time i got to get inside my own head and really see how im feeling. and to be honest its a lot more complicated than i thought. 3 things came up separately. 1- i love how my life is developing and coming along very well. 2- i'm actually nervous about all the pressure i've put myself under by doing soo well and wonder how long it will last before i crack and 3- i don't mind being single because i've purposefully stayed out of relationships for quite some time till i figure out all these things i'm working on but i still want to find someone descent i can trust and believe in and because i have such high standards now she'll have to be amazing and maybe i should just stop being so judgemental and see what comes out of it.

But whatever happens im just going to carry on with a smile and embrace whatever life throws in my direction.
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1 Response Jul 22, 2013

I wish you well on all of you endeavors, but I don't think you should look at it with such a temporary sort of perspective. You've obviously accomplished a great deal, and logically pitfalls come with that, but don't think that you will be the one to crack. I know how pressure builds and things in our lives dislodge in a really extreme fashion sometimes... But from the sounds of it, you've got it together.

As for the girl... apparently thoughts have a lot to do with how we yield results. You're amazing. Don't lower your standards. That is how relationships fail. Just go through life and enjoy it. You want to find someone, you will. The universe does this thing to people... they throw girls you could be with in front of you... but they aren't right. And they could damage you for the right one. That doesn't mean you are done with heartbreak haha... but you are done with failure:)

Sorry about the mega self help-y tone. Not trying to sound condescending in any way. Best of luck friend:)

That was actually so well put it just all kinda clicked because I do have a habit of super over analysing myself. It's a good andbad thing, nice to have someone else's perspective why I love this place so much. Thank you soo much for your comment friend.

As for the whole judgement thing... Judgement is a good thing. Its not bad to judge someone or something. In fact, usually when you're judging something harshly you're afraid of it, all the good it could do for you... or the detriment.